Cello + Guitar (MP3)

In the past, Ted Laderas has named other musicians in the process of describing his own work, the founding shoegazer figures My Bloody Valentine in particular — though he plays in a generally less melodically circumspect manner, the comparison is a deserved one; his work is rich with barely sublimated emotion. But for his latest outing, a four-and-a-half minute solo work titled “Palimpsests,” he names William Basinksi, specifically Basinski’s Disintegration Loops, as inspiration, and describes the track as follows: “Heavily reverbed guitar and reserved layered cello.” That sounds about right. The material has an especially elegiac quality, and the contrast between the two string instruments provides just the right mix of resemblance and friction.

Laderas performs at Ooray. Track originally posted at 15people.net.

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