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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Happy (what would have been your) 110th birthday, Chester Gould (1900-1985), whose comic Dick Tracy helped make Americans tech-gadget crazy. #
  • Morning sounds: rain (and lots of it) and coffee, both dripping. #
  • [email protected] I wonder same thing. I wonder if permanently recorded music will exist. But "future" is many things, including just tomorrow. #
  • In the future, albums will come with related ringtones so that IM, phone, and email alerts will blend/contrast perfectly with the music. #
  • A little ">" character appears in @soundcloud browser window when audio plays. I vote all browser windows should have this. Where do I vote? #
  • "Massive Light Boner": name of event in Amsterdam I'm proud was promoted in part using my description of Jamie Allen #
  • [email protected] New DeLillo story (ecstatically unnatural dialog, naked econo-social commentary) read like novelization of one of his plays. #
  • Relative amount of bad/good, un/enjoyable free music on the web is probably about the same as in commercial releases. #netlabel #sturgeon #
  • RT @dizzybanjo I am on the bus with the squeakiest breaks in the universe #eartwit #
  • ♪ My favorite drone in some time, for streaming and download: (From PoznaÅ„, Poland's Szymon Kaliski.) #
  • Morning sounds: hard drives, typing, light rain, the fizz of a Diet Coke in its can (forgot to make iced coffee last night), baby hiccups. #
  • Finally got to last week's Fringe, "6995kHz," which did prove close to the dream episode for fans of the show's sonic sensibility. Close. #
  • I'd listen to the phone book sung to the melody of the Terriers theme song. #
  • Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould among the 15 documentaries announced for Oscar short list: #
  • Just because you are fascinated by sampling and admire Black Sabbath doesn't mean you'll necessarily enjoy the new Girl Talk at all. #
  • [email protected] Somewhere I have scans of an excellent early-20th-century pamphlet on how radio kills piano (and I think sheet music) sales. #
  • [email protected] Global juke will (emphasis) be cool (I get it's the streaming of which we speak) but it mistakenly views music as fixed object #
  • I need a second mouse, for depending on which shoulder my kid falls asleep on while I'm typing. #
  • Whenever a music publicist's press release describes a recording as "organic" I like to imagine it employs generative processes. #
  • [email protected] Old-tyme habits aside, the future of music (wishful thinking from me) will be reactive: not just temporal; incident-singular. #
  • Benjamin Franklin wakes to find Americans generally don't care if their communication is surveilled, only that their privates are private. #
  • [email protected] @erik_davis Then again, this could all just be my old-world experiences fogging up my prognosticator goggles. #
  • [email protected] @erik_davis Not saying streaming won't grow. We know from TV, radio and museums there's a large audience for temporal culture. #
  • [email protected] @erik_davis And: piracy often leads the new-tech way. Not seeing pirate streamers, while file-sharing appears to be growing. #
  • [email protected] @erik_davis … but stream-focused future would reverse current course, in which "everything" (more or less) is available. #
  • [email protected] @erik_davis I remain uncertain the future is streaming. Pop has largely been disposable to consumers, so there's that … #
  • [email protected]_davis I let my @emusic lapse. The price kept going up, and the service (most notably search) wasn't showing sufficient investment. #
  • [email protected] Bring your recorder to the dentist! #
  • [email protected]vuzhmusic Yeah, Cheryl Leonard's getting her due, which is great; music's really going places, too. I may post some score images today. #
  • New BBC Radiophonic book waiting on the porch (Special Sound, Oxford). Gonna be a long night. #deliaonmymind #
  • There's so much static on the radio station playing opera in this taxi, I must be in a Francis Ford Coppola movie. #teatro #murch #
  • "One of the dangers of field recording is being attacked by wildlife." Cheryl Leonard is speaking at the Museum of Craft and Design. #
  • It's not easy to be polite with a car horn. Guy who just passed O'Farrell and Jones should give lessons. #quietdrivingschool #
  • New Don DeLillo story in the new Harper's. Opening graph: "There's no word for it, that sound, pure urgency, sustained, incessant." #
  • Really enjoying Kenneth Silverman's John Cage bio. But at 483 pages, it's the best case for ebooks I've experienced recently. #
  • Past-retirement-age dude at barber takes delight in Asian Art Museum's $ woes as a win for "real Americans"? #wowjustwow #
  • Plan for today: podcast prep, baby-doc visit, lunch with manga scholar, gallery visit, attend Cheryl Leonard presentation at #
  • Fun to imagine willful right-wing misreadings, like how @nytimes Dec 4 "Hack Day" is evidence of editorial malfeasance: #
  • So, "infant" is from Middle English (enfaunt) via Latin (infans) meaning "incapable of speech"; guess I misused "infantile" more than once. #
  • Wife and infant back asleep, cars passing outside with haste, dew dropping (mistaken initially as light rain), hard drive politely subdued. #
  • Sonifying 1995 Kobe quake data, Mike Rotondo (Treehouses) criticized for inferred humor: Q: When is data disrespectful? #
  • Thanks to Croatian author/illustrator Darko Macan for the original sketch that's my current Twitter background. Details: #
  • Finally read Jack Hawksmoor "secret history" graphic novel (6-part series). How he's attuned to cities should appeal to phonographers. #
  • Wanna say thanks, again, to Megan Kelso for the original kazoo illustration that has served as my Twitter background for the past month. #
  • Improvising third monitor by setting writing tool (Dark Room, a WriteRoom/Q10 equivalent) to 75% transparency, turning one monitor into two. #
  • Robert Fripp was so deep in looping in late '70s that when he posts non-loop archive audio he labels it a "Non Loop Idea" #
  • Mark Morse is documenting various guitar-prep techniques, including wooden spatula and knitting needle: #
  • In Windows: Start / Run / Edit. Type like it's 1995. I had no idea. (Thank you, @lifehacker) #
  • Almost done with two large-scale remix projects. Will share details when they're truly complete. Very excited about both. #
  • The Tuesday noon alarm in San Francisco sounds, and fades for so long you get the sense it's gonna rise up for another round. #
  • House especially quiet now that grandparents have flown the coop. #
  • How bats (may) hear: different roles for different neurons, "like a basketball team": #
  • [email protected] Thanks. Sontag's line re: disaster notwithstanding, bureaucracy at extreme feels like sci-fi. Loud ventilation just highlights it. #
  • Increasingly convinced the word "mama" has at its root the sad, curled-lower-lip moaning of an infant. #
  • Still haven't found time to watch last week's radio-signal episode of always sonically conscious Fringe. #
  • Lotta new "followers." Thanks/hi. I write on sound/music at, live in San Francisco. I appreciate your tweets re: sounds heard. #
  • Jury duty is over, over for awhile — to paraphrase John Lennon. #
  • [email protected] Yeah, cornet taxonomy — the Kelly book includes chart of traits adopted/introduced over time. Also neat chart on helmets. #
  • How'd did (and will) the gadget we call the trumpet evolve? We're discussing Kevin Kelly's book What Technology Wants at #
  • Jury-duty sounds: shuffling paper, muffled talk, shifting chairs, the HVAC of a space station. It's like Bleak House meets Solaris in here. #
  • Massive trucks are circling city hall here in San Francisco — honking as protest. Can't hear it from the belly of the Court House, though. #
  • The homeless in the park wake suddenly from their collective slumber as a fire engine rockets by, siren blaring. #
  • [email protected] Haven't read much of the others you mention, but I love Greg Egan; he's the Thomas Mann of singularity buyer's remorse. #
  • Headed to jury duty shortly. Hope to get on, but, "Please explain to the court why you listen to refrigerators hum." #
  • Love sound of bus at night. You know where it's going, as it doesn't meander, yet it passes redolent with questions of why, what, and who. #
  • Doesn't appear to be a Jack Hawksmoor action figure. That's unfortunate. He's the urbanist superhero, even more than Batman or Spider-Man. #
  • That silence in the house when infant is first asleep: city noise comes into focus, but each snore and fidget brings silence into question. #
  • Generative sound: noises your parents make when they play with your kid. #
  • Reading in backyard to urban score of birds, cars, one car alarm, and for a while a distant hum that must have been someone's vacuum cleaner #
  • Now sharing home office with wife, having turned her (former) office into baby room. Acclimating to sound of 4 hands typing. #modernromance #
  • House is never so quiet as day after a dinner party (in this case, mostly family: the mutual grandparents meeting their grandkid together). #
  • Sign on up, if the culture of free, as it relates to (electronic) music, is of interest to you: #
  • Epigraph to Kevin Kelly's new book, What Technology Wants, should be first stanza of "No New Tale to Tell" by Love and Rockets. #
  • RT @lucas_gonze Loving the ambient noise in this busy coffee shop. Conversation, classical radio, traffic. #eartwit #
  • RT @peterkirn Regular sound outside apt: entire racks of office servers, boards intact, being tossed into garbage truck compactors. #eartwit #

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