After much back’n’forth thinking, I’ve set up a Disquiet.com page on Facebook. It’s at http://facebook.com/disquiet.fb. It will collect a feed of Disquiet.com posts, occasional pings from twitter.com/disquiet, and perhaps once in a while some original, Facebook-only material.

2 thoughts on “facebook.com/disquiet.fb

  1. Hey, Marc, Will be curious if this move results in increased readership for your blog, insightful feedback that you wouldn’t otherwise get here, and/or opportunities (writing gigs, etc). Those are the reasons my professional friends have given for joining up but I question how much of it is just peer pressure or the perception (fear?) that your words won’t be read if you don’t go this route. I certainly don’t have to give you all the reasons not to be on Facebook. I’m a bit surprised that as an open source aficionado you haven’t elected to remain out here in the wilderness with the rest of us berry- and grub-eating wild men. Best, Tom

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