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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • The term "amauteur" is preferable to "prosumer." #
  • "@brianpmoore: The leafblower is the banjo of Covington. #ctown quot; #eartwit (via @countrymarxist) #
  • Morning sounds: heater, drizzle, hard drive/fan, fridge, distant car, cooing baby. #
  • If you meet your hero in the record crates, kill him. #
  • Facebook page of slain Egyptian electronic musician Ahmed Basiony who died during Jan uprising 188 followers shy of 8,000 #
  • Berkeley's Comic Relief has closed. Truly the end of an era. I made so many friends & learned so much from that place. #
  • Wondering if Nintendo's hardware and software divisions have learned anything from Sony's Walkman and music divisions. #
  • Noon Bells (Rain Drops & Lullaby Mix) #
  • Just conducted an extended interview with Zimoun. Hope to have it posted in the near future. #sound #insects #motors #installation #
  • Considering the [email protected] RTing/following, maybe someone out there can help me find the Jack Hawksmoor action figure I so want? #
  • Apparently that last comment popped up on Twitter's home page between @khalidalkhalifa on Bahrain TV and @nickiminaj on herself #
  • Pondering Alvin Lucier's "I Am Sitting in a Room" (1969) in our current era of re-tweeting. #
  • Used to be Twitter went down and I'd wonder what snazzy new tech gadget had been leaked/announced. Now I wonder what country is on fire. #
  • Lynch-ian has, for some time now, been the new Fellini-esque. #
  • (To a tune by Reznor & Ross.) If you do the Facebook, there's a page for that: #
  • Man, the bots are out like Brooklyn roaches. #
  • Evening sounds: breathing of sleeping wife and child, low-flying plane, slow-moving vehicle, bubbles in bottle of club soda. #
  • "@vuzhmusic: @disquiet When I see the term 'unsigned' it seems pre-paradigm-shift" [Indeed. Someday: retro. For now: outmoded.] #
  • RT @HurdAudio: Composers who should've written operas: Varese, Ives, Scelci, Nancarrow, Strayhorn #
  • [email protected] Self-signed? #
  • [email protected] You are post-signed? Resigned? #
  • Remain amazed the word "unsigned," in regard to bands and solo acts, still has much currency. #
  • When stock photography looks like a Ryoji Ikeda installation: #
  • When guys say they want John Cusack to play them in the movie, they don't usually mean the Cusack of 2012. #hail #
  • Morning sounds: hail. #
  • Evening sounds: two laptops and TiVo in one room. It's Whirstock. #
  • Lovely take on Satie's Gnossienne No. 1: Rafael Anton Irisarri & Goldmund make good on its proto-ambient nature. $1 #
  • [email protected] Scary chart, but it should be titled "Death of the Record Industry," not "Death of the Music Industry." #
  • Sure, "lossless" is an attractive term when it comes to audio compression, but perhaps "lessloss" would be more accurate. #
  • It's nice to see the Twitter spambots are working more during the week. Maybe they'll give themselves a deserved break on weekends. #
  • Pondering difference between recorded music that is free and recorded music that costs $0. #
  • Many thanks to Leela Corman — @LeelaOfNewYork — for drawing the Egyptian mizmar for my Twitter background. More info: #
  • Major thanks to Justin Orr for my current Twitter background image. Today's its last day. New monthly item will appear shortly. It's timely. #
  • The more I play "All of Me" on my ukulele, the more I become convinced it has my favorite chord changes. #
  • Morning sounds: kid practicing raspberries, cars making traction on rain-soaked pavement, kalimba-like thrum of neighbor's radio, #
  • Hoping to make it to the winter concert at CCRMA this Thursday night. #
  • Crazy windy outside. How windy? The way wind sounds in a movie when you're like, "The director really wants us to notice it's really windy." #
  • Returned several pounds of comics to the library. By which I mean two Dash Shaw books. #
  • Consistent cellphone rings have turned public sonic life into a Hans Zimmer soundtrack, even without the Inception app. #
  • Tuesday noon siren, filtered through Spanish-language broadcast of soccer game. #secondhandsports #
  • Finally managed to summarize, if briefly, what I love about my favorite track of 2010: #viola #gadget #wall e #oubapo #
  • Can't wait til Gladwell says, "Oh, Twitter! You mean Twitter? Oh totally. Yeah, I was talking about something else entirely. What a mix-up." #
  • â–º The virtual quotidian: Guy Birkin recreates the sonic experience of rain dripping on one's hat brim #
  • Great Moments in TV Scores: In Chicago Code debut, composer Robert Duncan's name appears in credits as canned blues song appears on radio. #
  • Steampunk = plugging laptop into cafe's ancient electrical outlet connected via Edison-era piping into murky hole in wall. #
  • Morning sounds: cars on rainy street, neighbors bringing in garbage pails, baby spinning wooden toy, computer drive/fan, neighbor's radio. #
  • More new cicada-based music, this time from Novi_sad on the Sub Rosa label: #
  • Congrats Christopher Tin for winning the 1st Grammy for music for video game. That the song & game are 5 years old is for Grammy to explain #
  • Afternoon Trio for Washer, Dryer, and Neighbor's Construction Work #
  • RT @mapmap: The celling at the delta terminal looks like a monome. #
  • Excellent: @mapmap + @taylordeupree share a bit of their recent duo recording project: "3 minutes out of 60+ unedited." #
  • â–º Download Giorno Poetry discography; includes my fave Philip Glass track: (+ WSB, PsychTV, Cage) via @gacougnol @ubuweb #
  • Sound art, circa 1912-1914: the cardboard and sheet metal sculptures of guitars by Pablo Picasso: #
  • A superior organic-based generative music system: five-month-old playing with dangling chimes. #
  • Was the WSJ's investment in The Daily simply an expensive ploy to supplant the New York Times in all those iPad ads? #
  • Nice to see @nytimes cover live MPC playing: #
  • The cicada is nature's vuvuzela. #
  • Facebook page for Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony, slain during January uprising, now 190 followers shy of 7,000 #jan25 #
  • Given the state of record sales these days it's almost as if all record labels are indie labels. Some just have significantly more overhead. #
  • Sun's out. Birds seem appreciative, sound as if the one on the cover of the recent Oval album decided to front its own glitch project. #
  • If you lost your Santa Monica, it landed in my Richmond District. #
  • Great Intl Film Music Critics Assn list of 2010 music-for-moving-images: nods to Grönemeyer, games, TV via @nobuooo #
  • Anyone in San Francisco have a positive experience with Virgin Mobile? #
  • Don't think of it as a diary. Think of it as Tweets Not Sent. #
  • Morning sounds: post-feeding baby gurgles, occasional car, netbook whir, typing. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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