Electronic Fish Phenomena (MP3)

Last year, Michael Esposito teamed with Carl Michael von Hausswolff to create a new wax cylinder, and in the process explore matters of Electronic Voice Phenomena, which involves sensing communication signals in the white noise of electronic static. The latest touchradio.org.uk podcast features another Esposito EVP project, this time teaming him with sound artist David More, as well as Heidi Harman. The source of the electronic noise this time around is biological: Gnathonemus petersii, “an Elephantnose fish native to the Niger River in West and Central Africa.” According to the brief Touch Radio liner note, this fish “emits a weak electrical field from electro receptors covering its body. These receptors allow the fish to send a sonar-like electric pulse similar to the bat’s use of echolocation.” Esposito and company tapped into that sonic source material, augmenting with other EVP recordings, and yielding a mix of industrial noise and watery backing sounds (MP3).

[audio:http://www.touchmusic.org.uk/touchradio/Radio59/Radio59.mp3|titles=”Ghost of Gnathonemus Petersii (2011)”|artists=Michael Esposito & David More & Heidi Harman]

More details at touchradio.org.uk.

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