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  • So, @rcrdlbl now requires registration to access free downloads. Perfectly valid, but giving away personal information doesn't equal "free." #
  • If you want a sonically conscious (and poppy, in the Hollywood sense, not the musical sense) thriller, you could do worse than Hanna. #
  • Very excited about the "DIY Musical Instrument Tailgate Party with special guest Trimpin" this weekend at CCRMA/Stanford. #
  • Read several fairly prominent reviews of Hanna that don't even mention the Chemical Brothers score. Perhaps that's to the band's credit? #
  • Glistening, lightly percussive ambient track built from ukulele (and mandolin)? Yes, thank you: by Seth Chrisman #
  • Misread the Hanna advertisement as "Adopt or die." #
  • RT @falsereactions @communikey Radere featured in this special article from Marc Weidenbaum @csindependent @billforman #
  • RIP, lounge composer and pianist Johnny Pearson (b. 1925): #
  • My neighborhood, but not my car or my handwriting: #
  • Wondering if the dropped Grammy categories will open up room for gaming and/or interactive award: #
  • Vicarious commute. RT @pheezy The only way to fly. RT @shoister commuting on a bus listening to field recording of commuting on a train #
  • After a week away, welcomed back to home by its familiar sounds: fridge, Tivo drive, heater, passing cars … #
  • New SSD tucked inside ukulele case for drive home. #
  • The Fry's in Sacramento is on a street named Tandy. #
  • Waking on the outskirts of Sacramento to the sounds of a passing train. #
  • Spent evening with friend whose adorable young kid was born in LA. Memorable kid comment: "I don't like helicopters." #
  • I5 and 4G don't mutually compute. #datadustbowl #
  • Tweeting about Tokyo art exhibits while deep in the Nevada desert. #
  • Relieved to receive email announcements about new Tokyo art exhibits, even if some are presumably automated in advance. #
  • Hotel symphony: HVAC, fans, vacuum cleaners, muffled televisions, passing airplane. #
  • The hotel phone has a clearly marked "dataport." #
  • Semisonic's "Closing Time" playing at 24-hour McDonald's. #
  • Talking Heads' "Naive Melody" playing in massive underground parking structure. #
  • Mistakenly thought Assouline's Music Game Book was about music games. #

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