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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Amazing how many outlets covered the (now disproved) Samsung-laptop-keylogger story & how many failed to update their initial posts. #
  • Especially conscious of birdsong this morning, likely because @maxwillens reminded me of Jeroen Diepenmaat's taxidermy turntables. #
  • These noise-cancelling earbuds are strong. But Rufus Wainwright's nasal whine is stronger. #
  • If you're writing-fluent in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish & want to help on free-music-culture project, please get in touch. #
  • A stage in letterpress project I mentioned yesterday morning: RT @boondesign Polymer plates by Rocket #
  • Today's best sound: Senior citizen taking hammer to hard drive on sidewalk in front of home. #
  • If I get all this done today, I will celebrate by buying The Pale King. If I don't, I will console myself by buying The Pale King. #
  • [email protected] Fetish & nostalgia do drive vinyl sales, certainly. That I can't celebrate. Sound quality, art — that I can celebrate. #
  • I really like the idea of Record Store Day but it feels much more like Fetish Object Day than Music Day. #
  • Record Store Day's neat. But commercial music also needs Day When Publicists Send Emails to Interested Parties Not Entire Rolodex. #
  • He speaks the truth. RT @compactrobot 75% of RSD is repackaged existing music and/or classic rock. like waiting in line to pay for promos. #
  • Guy with MacBook Air just bummed cigarette from guy with Asus netbook. #
  • Want to see Atlas Shrugged, but think I'm going to wait to borrow the DVD from the public library. #
  • Wanted to see Atlas Shrugged matinee, but someone bought out the whole theater so as to avoid watching it with us hoi polloi. #
  • RIP, Tokyopop, a great competitor during my 5 Shonen Jump years. Confused you're closing within month of Priest movie, but so be it. #
  • Fave CDs of week: @markisham Conspirators score w/ @zoecello, @underworldlive Frankenstein score, @seth_cluett Objects in Stillness #
  • Only way to explain dude near me in cafe is that his therapist instructed him to sit in a public place for half an hour. Breathe easy, dude. #
  • And has for 13 years. Thank you, @MetropolisMag. RT @mmaddencomics How many fans realize @benkatchor publishes new comics every month? #
  • When I read a movie review that doesn't mention the score, my impression is that the reviewer really wasn't paying attention. #
  • Progress! RT @distrec Added an RSS feed to the new site. Reminded to by the @disquiet netlabel checklist #
  • Protest for artist Ai Weiwei Sunday, April 17, 1pm local time at the Chinese consulate/embassy near you #1001ChairsForAiWeiwei #
  • Next tweet courtesy of @vuzhmusic#
  • RIP, Dot founder Randy Wood (b. 1917), who told Lawrence Welk to “record music that is more for listening than dancing.” #
  • Biting off UI to spite UX: Seriously, @nytimes? I must log in before using Twitter button to inform people about an article? #
  • Received new @MetropolisMag. Saw no Ben Katchor strip. Felt heart sink. Turned back page. Saw Katchor spread. Experienced relief. #
  • "Commercial culture does more to harm open culture than the other way around." @dpnem on the #netlabel checklist: #
  • Morning sounds (in sequence): refrigerator hum, bus (west), typing, car (west), refrigeration turning off, car (east), helicopter (north). #
  • Among today's album packages, one labeled "No Commercial Value." #irony #recordindustry #musicindustry #factsoflife #selfaware #
  • Allow me to be the 100+th person to share this: underwater microphone captures March 11, 2011, Honshu, Japan, earthquake #
  • Heading out for library-bound walk with my seven-month-old. Which continent/country should we dine from? #richmondistrict #
  • Netlabel checklist discussion: podcasts, (blatant) self-promotion, ID tags, streaming v. downloading: Please join in. #
  • If you do the Facebook, there's a page for that: #
  • And somewhere across town someone is letterpress-ing something I wrote. Nifty. #
  • My favorite szechuan (southwest China) restaurant is now a dongbei (northeast) restaurant. Tonight I'll find out if that's good news. #
  • There's a certain pleasure to writing an extended sequence of nothing but full declarative sentences. #
  • Attended a concert with actual singing. Singing: voice to mic to amp to ear. A little guitar, drums, shaker. A keyboard helped me adjust. #
  • RT @vuzhmusic Thought I was hearing cicadas today at school; turned out to be oscillating sound coming from truck engine that needs repair. #
  • Reading about pendulums. #
  • Google Street View of Saul Bass' downtown Sacramento sculpture designed for the Fuller Paint Company: #
  • Reminder: Boulder's Communikey Fest starts today: Monolake, '60s Polish soundcards, Laura Goldhamer's speaker drum, etc. #
  • Spent many hours/dollars in that store. RT @pheezy RIP, Peter Howard (of Serendipity Books in Berkeley) #
  • RIP, Charles Laufer (b. 1923), founder of Tiger Beat, #
  • Trying to wean myself off (the “command line for the web”). Again. #
  • Narrative is an even more powerful force than genre, as any good DJ will tell you. #
  • Helicopter hovering over the rainy Richmond District. Cougar or rabid dog? #
  • Grammy formally acknowledges video-game music — something we discussed just before this year's: #
  • RT @quietdesign have lived in austin my whole life… have had some surreal cicada listening experiences. 30,000 channel nature installation #
  • Austin's anthem. RT @kitty_d cicadas are out tonite. love that sound. @eartwit #
  • Very pleased with discussion going on in response to my proposed checklist of how netlabels best function Please join in. #
  • Second only to fog horns, the sheer density/variety of languages/accents in my neighborhood thrills me almost daily. #richmonddistrict #
  • It'd be cool if we could listen to other people's @soudcloud dashboard/incoming tracks, hear what their sequence of followings is. #
  • I like to think that the "free" in "free jazz" is a verb as well as an adjective. #
  • RIP, free jazz violinist Billy Bang (b. William Walker, 1947), via @daveseidel #
  • Thanks, @davidvermillion — thought the @simplenoteapp sync issue was on my end. Some sort of error eating any new notes (Win7, Resoph). #
  • Prepping to observe a Tues siren test in San Francisco. I think it's Cantonese. Japan's quake make ours seem less remote, more preparatory. #
  • Ken Burns on the "acoustic shadows" of the Civil War (with a tremendous editorial illustration by Henrik Drescher) #
  • On The Chicago Code, Jennifer Beals looks like Steve Dillon drew her circa Preacher. #
  • RT @digiki I was stepping in shower this morning when I heard earthquake warning from school next door; it has a kind of Vangelis texture #
  • New netbook means new hard drive and fan. New hard drive and fan means new sounds added to daily life. #
  • RT (from Tokyo) @digiki If the situation continues, I'm sure we could ask Cornelius to compose a melody for those alerts #
  • RT (from Tokyo) @digiki I would be less stressed if I could change sound of earthquake warnings to "fasten your seat belts" in-flight sound #
  • RIP, composer Daniel Catán (b. 1949), whose Il Postino just opened at the LA Opera, and who scored Bruce Wagner's film I'm Losing You. #
  • RIP, minimalist sculptor John McCracken (b. 1934): #
  • RIP, Steely Dan engineer Roger Nichols (b. 1944) #aja #thenightfly #
  • Master class. RT @pheezy: Trimpin gave @disquiet and I a demonstration of his spinning speakers #
  • Now that Panda Country morphed into a less Szechuan place, is there a better tan tan noodle than the one at Spices on Clement? #sanfrancisco #
  • Is there a good cafe in the Richmond District open after 10pm? #sanfrancisco #
  • The pinnning of tabs in Chrome & Firefox 4 would be more enticing if it didn't seem to preclude appearance of tab-specific notifications. #
  • An excellent, ear-opening day at the CCRMA/Stanford diy-instrument fest. Thanks to @pheezy for the company. #
  • Tom Duff's tabletop banjo from today's CCRMA/Stanford diy instrument event today #
  • Charles Gadeken's gargantuan, Tesla-tastic "Aperion": Live from CCRMA diy instrument fest #
  • Headed to CCRMA/Stanford for "DIY musical instruments" event feat. Trimpin, Leonard, Duff, Thingamajigs, more #
  • Back from Amoeba. Some ancient instrumental hip-hop vinyl (Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, the Roots), and a new WSB-ish John Zorn CD. #
  • Banh mi shop chamber music: cash register, kitchen bell, chatter, dining ware, archaic refrigerator, shoes on faux-marble tile. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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