New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Morning sounds: baby rattle, hard drive, fan, typing, electric toothbrush (aka salle-de-bain didgeridoo). #
  • My iTunes email alert for this week: John Cage and Royce da 5'9". Not bad. #sentience #algorithmic #curation #
  • It's exciting, and exciting in part because it is rare, to hear live gadget/laptop music that doesn't end on a slow fadeout. #
  • Present & accounted for. RT @_TheLab_ Tonight: Wobbly, Robert Piotrowicz (Poland), Ensemble Economique, Thomas Carnacki #
  • Mariachi thumbing his bass, its sound almost inaudible amid din of chatter and drone of HVAC, in a Mission taqueria. #
  • Fave track of the week: "Lost Words" off John Zorn's Nova Express (Medeski, Wollesen, Dunn, Baron) #
  • Date-in-favicon for Google Cal is so useful, I wonder re: favicon/titlebar-only sites: temp, time, financial data, countdown timer. #
  • My pleasure. RT @thetheradius Thanks to @disquiet for posting detailed reviews of Episode 04: Art of Failure & Episode 05: C.R. Casprzyk #
  • Afernoon drones: 5-track stream at by @tomacropolis #
  • RT @lhalff Only way to avoid cell phones in @UnitedAirlines Red Carpet Club is to sit in small, dirty, fluorescent lit "cell phone booth." #
  • It's Earth Day, so please find some discarded music and remix it. #
  • That someone prominent can be a victim makes mind reel. RT @stevesilberman Dissident artist Ai Weiwei "pleads guilty" after torture in China #
  • Morning sounds: cars, shower, typing, hard drive, fan, my 7-month-old vociferously practicing her raspberries. #developmentalmilestone #
  • Have some respect for Twitterbots that dare ply their trade during sunlight hours (at least in Twitter's home town) midweek. #
  • If I get nothing done this afternoon, I blame @cobra_mike #
  • What he said. RT @the_eco_thought @disquiet yes; to me drum and bass was south London folk music #
  • music that challenges various notions of folk, notably the one that hears folk as an entrenched, pre-digital realm #
  • RIP, compsci trailblazer Max Matthews (b. 1926). I saw him speak once, several years back, at a CCRMA old-school panel. #
  • My doorbell needs an on/off switch, or at least a dimmer. #sleepingbaby #
  • The publicist model may be more broken than the record-label model. #
  • RIP, Ray Smith (b. 1934), owner of influential record store ("shop's stock ranged 'from George Lewis to George Lewis'") #
  • Thnx. Likely new Disquiet motto. RT @countrymarxist Like it. RT @disquiet: Listening to art, playing with music, sounding out technology. #
  • Ah, that's what typing on an iPad sounds like: raindrops. #
  • Listening to art, playing with music, sounding out technology. #
  • RIP, Aldo Clementi (b.1925), "last survivor of great generation of Italian postwar musical avant-gardists" #
  • Mission accepted. RT @primusluta Listen three times. [Re: forthcoming Prefuse 73.] #
  • Want to politely excuse yourself from phone survey? Say you'll participate if told you who's funding it. Bonus points: anxious pause. #
  • All other listening on hold. Just got Prefuse 73 advance. #
  • Mid-morning sounds (rear to front): washing machine, hard drive, fan, typing. #
  • Thanks muchly. RT @cdmblogs Speaking of Eno, here's Bang on a Can on their Music for Airports transcription. #
  • The #netlabel list by @dpnem includes @twitter and RSS links for each label: #
  • RT @Richmond_SFPD 4/[email protected] Perp cut MUNI overhead line at Fulton btwn 11/12th Avenues, fled with 100’ copper wire #sfmeetsthewire #
  • People, Ben freaking Katchor is a-Twitter @benkatchor: 1890s theater seating, 1830s firefighting tools, & comics! #followeveryday #
  • Many thanks to illustrator @owenfreeman for my original Twitter background drawing this month. More on him at #
  • My pleasure. RT @boondesign Lovely post by @disquiet about @salvagione installation at Headlands this past Sunday. #
  • T-Mobile texted me that I've passed the 5GB threshold for the month. No merit badge, just a data-speed reduction. #
  • Tues noon siren in San Francisco, off Clement Street at 10th Ave. Voice more distinct, intelligible than at other locations. #
  • Morning sounds: Fist fights breaking out at funeral across street from cafe. #
  • [email protected] Thanks, man. Yeah, Creative License high on my reading list. Glad it addresses pre-pop collage & proposes legislative change. #
  • Is there a list of @soundcloud URL hacks, for filtering by, say, downloadable-tracks-only, and so forth? #
  • If insanity were airborne, this cafe would be under @CDC_eHealth control. #
  • Day with non-noise-cancelling earbuds turned cafe into personal @robinrimbaud work, version of @idontlikewords' #
  • Dropbox is so ridiculously useful, it makes me imagine some day a piece of popular commercial software that is only an API. #
  • Glass window at Royal Grounds on Geary shook like heck. RT @footage Perhaps today's quake was an augmented reality reconstruction of 1906 #
  • Recounting writing. Transcribing talking. Planning planning. #
  • RT @grumy Je lisais et je me disais que ça serait cool, de faire un netlabel. (Mais en fait, je n'y connais rien.) #
  • Goodnight foghorns. Goodnight bus. Goodnight noises everywhere. #
  • Finishing Hogan's Spiral Jetta in bed. Phone remembers for me what Magritte's Time Transfixed looks like. How much has changed in a decade. #
  • Drop by tomorrow at the Headlands. Check out Paolo Salvagione's installation, for which I wrote a little essay. #
  • Belated RIP, Sidney Harman (b. 1918), the former half of Harman Kardon. #
  • "@dpnem Or August 8th …. 8/08?" [Nice one. Proposed dates for Netlabel Day.] #
  • [email protected] @dpnem I wonder what day Netlabel Day would be. Perhaps June 3, the birthday of Lawrence Lessig of Creative Commons? #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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