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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Evening loop: lovely one-minute "Piano Phase" #
  • This tweet made me very happy: “@FourTet: the lights on the monome don't do anything when I use it like this.”#
  • Indeed, resurrect Team Resurrection. “@gregdavismusic: @kanyewest team of No I.D. and Common (Sense) is/was a match made in hip hop heaven.”#
  • Something poetic to hear Idris Elba, of the Dickensian HBO series The Wire, quote Faulkner in his native British on Luther. #
  • Afternoon sounds: chirping bird and a peculiarly effervescent can of club soda. #
  • Those who dismiss/explain/kinda-praise Common as "bland" just play into same angry-rapper stereotype as his politically motivated attackers. #
  • Gotta feel for Common. His defenders end up demeaning him by emphasizing his conscientiousness as a kind of wan weakness. #
  • Glad to hear that the @NodeBeat generative audio-game will add recording/exporting in the next update. #
  • Nice, brief moment of rock feedback in progress. “@cobra_mike: Recording feedback for a new @kinglosescrown track” #
  • RIP, Skatalites drummer and dub pioneer Lloyd Knibb (b. 1931) #
  • Word's spreading that Skatalites drummer & dub pioneer Lloyd Knibb passed away. Anyone see official confirmation on this? #
  • Source Code was first movie I enjoyed in a long time with a score that worked yet that I would have no interest in listening to on its own. #
  • Didn't record the construction noise? @sepulchra Drove 5 hours to record something … Heavy construction noise made me turn right back. #
  • Received online "jingle writing" course invite. Syllabus lacks lesson on selecting choice moments from Who songs. #
  • Man, good job. RT @TrueSwamp as Prince noted prophetically in "Batdance": "Hey Ducky — let's put the 7" in the computer" #
  • Another heart broken by the transmutation of language. @jeremymeyers this makes me sad. #
  • Increasingly convinced there are people employing the term 7" and by it mean a song released on its own, likely as an MP3. #
  • RT @alvinlu Honking goose passing overhead (3rd St nr Mission Rock). #eartwit #415 #
  • Or the nth-degree extrapolation of an LP. RT @alln4tural "NP?" I'm guessing you don't mean non-deterministic polynomial time. #
  • Not all sonification is media-art sonification. Some is applied sonification. And some is both. #
  • NP: Lesser/Matmos/Wobbly's Simultaneous Quartet, which has one of the most involved album covers of 2010 #
  • Morning sounds: shower, desktop hard drive/fan, car and bus passing, baby kicking and cooing. #
  • The real purpose of White House Poetry Slam is so Obama can have his original copy of Notations signed by Alison Knowles. #
  • WH Poetry Slam is Homeland Security setup to snag Goldsmith :) RT @gregdavismusic maybe feds are gonna grab kenny g for grey-area sharing :) #
  • Idea of Common as cultural threat is humorous. White House Poetry Slam haters should fear Kenneth Goldsmith of @ubuweb #
  • "The only Berio I know is a brand of olive oil" –my (wonderful) mom #
  • 15:12 = ratio of Bach:Sousa recordings in "classical" genre in Library of Congress National Jukebox #
  • 2:1 = ratio of whistling:yodeling among genres in Library of Congress National Jukebox #
  • 22:2:1 = ratio of opera:country:whistling among genres in Library of Congress' National Jukebox #
  • The Magna Carta's in the hood: #richmonddistrict @deyoungmuseum #
  • People, Jon Lewis (creator of the True Swamp comic) has joined Twitter: @trueswamp #
  • I recorded the sound of glass shard in my kid's stroller Then @mystified131 remixed it #
  • RT @steinbruchel raindrops hitting the ground like bullets. the sound is incredible. could be my first noise record via @hecanjog #eartwit #
  • In past week reinstalled OS on netbook and desktop — a digital equivalent of Keith Richards' mythical blood transfusions. #
  • Desktop computer hard drive and fan in OS-reinstall mode, whizzing against undulating throb of refrigerator. No birds, no cars, no planes. #
  • RIP, TV-theme composer "Big George" Webley (b. 1957); joked he wrote "music with an average duration of 29 seconds" #
  • Introducing Madden's Law RT @mmaddencomics: You can't own a record so rare that it won't eventually turn up as filler music on NPR. #
  • I will have to give it a listen. “@tobiasreber: Have you heard sound? … I like sound. All my mates think so, too. … Sound is profound.”#
  • Apparently sound's a trend. I never know if this attention/acknowledgement is good, bad, a sign of a jumped shark … #
  • What We Talked About Before We Talked About Sampling: evoked, homage, allude, quote, reference, cite … #
  • In my bag: David Osmond-Smith's Playing on Words and Zombies. #
  • C++ for Dummies and Zombies #
  • Genre is as persistent a myth as race. "@bwhitman google music beta onboarding asks me to choose my favorite genres. rage begins to swell." #
  • In cafe mentally adding "& zombies" to people's books: Hegel's Concept of Experience & Zombies, The Sound & the Fury & Zombies. #
  • “@admwllms: I swear my hair clippers were droning pleasantly earlier (beneath the usual buzz) while my girlfriend shaved my hair”#eartwit #
  • Professional straight-razor shave just now sounded like a granular-synth music box. #
  • And back again. “@tom_player: So interesting how few techniques cross over from commercial (pop) to concert music”#
  • Song ends on cafe radio just in time for Tuesday noon siren. #
  • Hush isn't silence. Hush is the consensual, communal pressure to be silent, and even if it doesn't resound, it has has its own vibration. #
  • Listening to art * Playing with music * Sounding out technology * Composing in code #
  • [email protected] But I also think it's healthy to school ourselves in pre-digital precedents, if only to not over-privilege our moment/era/time. #
  • Something intriguingly odd about how use of the term "copyleft" peaks at each new century: Cc @primusluta #
  • Yesterday I pondered Berio @newmusicbox re: copyleft, appropriation, generation perspectives, classical sampling #
  • Thank you @geetadayal so much (!) for having asked Max Matthews my 50-channel Cage/Atlas Eclipticalis question! Thanks! #
  • Just Blaze's Cam'ron "Oh Boy" beat: xylophone + rim shot + vocal snippet = #
  • That Just Blaze instrumental is a favorite of mine, but I did mean Buddy Holly's. @jakobkerr Cam'ron single "Oh Boy" feat. Juelz Santana? #
  • #thesongsdontweighthesame @nightafternight Better still, Sleep's "Dopesmoker" (63:31) and Napalm Death's "You Suffer" (0:01.316). #
  • Decade after iTunes launch we still refer to music in terms of "20,000 songs" (i.e., Google Music)? "Roundabout" & "Oh, Boy" weigh the same? #
  • I think I will have an ice cream sandwich with lunch. #
  • RIP, David Mason (b. 1926), British trumpeter best known for playing piccolo on Beatles' "Penny Lane" #
  • Social proximity in the age of Twitter and Facebook has not yet ceased to amaze me. #
  • Few silences are as great as that from the other end of a telemarketer-research call when you ask who is funding the research #
  • Broken glass in stroller wheel makes raspy little beat. Recorded this afternoon along Golden Gate Park #
  • Today's recommended MP3: astute dissection of sonic background/foreground, but also useful drone for your baby's nap #
  • Cage's "Imaginary Landscape" included turntables in 1939: just as long prior to the birth of hip-hop as we now are far from it. #
  • Listening to Louis Jordan remixed by DJ Premier. More paste than cut, but fun. "Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens." #lanoire #
  • Most music PR reads as if its intended audience already knows the subject, which is exactly the opposite of how it should be. #
  • RIP, John Walker (b. John Maus, 1943), co-founder with Scott Walker of the Walker Brothers. #
  • Are we more informed or hypersensitive about copyright than in the 1960s? I ponder Berio at @newmusicbox #
  • Morning sounds: shower, baby snores, hard drive/fan, ice cubes in coffee. #
  • Homemade cucumber soda turned out great. What's next? I'm thinking cantaloupe. #
  • [email protected] I didn't know you were in Twitterland. Excellent. Now following. Thanks on the Rucker recommendation. #
  • 27,383: The number of items filed under "netlabels" at #
  • I am waiting for the 3d version of the novel Flatland. #
  • Afternoon sounds: dryer, birds, cars. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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