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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Among the ironies of whole Jay Maisel / Kind of Bloop copyright fight is that few art forms before hip-hop were as appropriative as jazz. #
  • When I see positive reviews of Dave Hickey's The Invisble Dragon, I wonder if there are two books by that name and I read the wrong one. #
  • Man, I wanna get to Los Angeles this summer, now especially because I want to check out #
  • Morning sounds: shower, baby babble, broken beats. #
  • Peter Falk has died. Time to cue up Wings of Desire. #
  • RIP, composer Fred Steiner (b. 1923), who among other things wrote music for Star Trek and Twilight Zone. #
  • The great Squiggle make-your-own-string-instrument app has had a thorough UI overhaul. #
  • The Sound Cells app now syncs with midi, and has background sound support (i.e., listen while you read). #
  • RT @mmaddencomics Jarmusch is hoping to convince Eno to score one of his next films. #
  • If you play this library's HVAC system backwards, it sounds like Ronnie James Dio. #
  • One hour and twenty minutes until a Manchurian feast. #
  • Every time I use a conductive stylus on my iOS device, a fanboy angel loses his wings. #
  • Nodame Cantabile & Zombies. #
  • The "& Zombies" irony at library: just one person in view is reading a book. Everyone else? Newspapers, magazines, laptops, phones. #
  • RT @dlb: @disquiet Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Zombies. #
  • RT @DFelsenfeld: @disquiet The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind and Zombies. #
  • PHP & MySQL for Dummies & Zombies #
  • The Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine & Zombies. #
  • The Male Brain & Zombies. #
  • Again mentally adding "& Zombies" to titles of books being read around me at the library: Exegetical Fallacies & Zombies. #
  • Library doesn't open until 1pm, so I am writing at nearby donuts shop. Scene feels like Blade Runner if it had been drawn by Daniel Clowes. #
  • Ai Weiwei is free: "I'm released, I'm home, I'm fine." #
  • Nice. How does it sound? @boondesign: Norwegian Foghorn @ E43 #
  • Morning duet for ice clinking in coffee and foghorns. #
  • I miss the interstitial score cues from NYPD Blue. #
  • Detail from Robert Motherwell's painting "Music over Music," at the De Young Museum: #
  • Hey, Keith Fullerton Whitman joined on Twitter today. He's at @keithfwhitman #
  • Think next year for Sketches of Sound on Disquiet, I may do Alvin Lucier tribute: Feb artist draws version of Jan artist's work, etc. … #
  • Thanks to SL Gallant for drawing my new Twitter background. He draws a GI Joe comic series, and he's the son of late drummer Larrie Londin. #
  • Thanks again to @brianhagen111 for providing my Twitter background original illustration this past month. New one up momentarily. #
  • There have been a lot of Peter Gabriel references on @engadget lately. #
  • My expectations for Green Lantern have been so exquisitely lowered that when I see it it will likely feel like The Godfather. #
  • Skateboarder and bus pass by the cafe in unison, wheels small and large on concrete and tarmac. #
  • Asking again, on chance more people are online: Is there such a thing as a 48"-wide upright acoustic piano? #
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco. You can hear multiple sirens start at slightly different times, exaggerating the sense of echo. #
  • The day is so much more quiet when I opt to work on my netbook instead of my desktop. Really need to upgrade the beast to SSD. #
  • Pre-midnight sounds: eerily distant traffic. #
  • Father's Day highlights: dim sum at Mayflower on Geary; listening to my 9-month-old chirping in the De Young Museum and reveling in the echo #
  • "A piano is 88 percussive devices, yet it's a single instrument." #
  • Stupid question: is there such a thing as a 48-inch-wide upright piano? #
  • Copyright timecops cite painter Larry Rivers for basing his Last Civil War Veteran (1961) on photo from Life magazine two years earlier. #
  • What is(n't) an "instrument"? RT @tobiasreber: I added some of my thoughts to this interesting @disquiet discussion: #
  • Foghorns on a warm morning. #
  • Apparently I have been on Twitter four years as of today. My first tweet: "Reading the Settings options." #
  • Thanks! As you know, it's my first, and I couldn't be happier. RT @mapmap Happy father's day! #
  • Oh, one more thing: #stravinsky #
  • Excellent new Sketches of Sound entry next week, by artist who draws an ongoing GI Joe series. It'll be my Twitter background for the month. #
  • Having one of those "I love the Internet" days. #
  • Beauty of duet for solo string instrument and oscillators is how much they resemble each other. #
  • Super 8 felt like the first post-Instagram movie. #
  • Alarm will sound: "Not an exit." "It says 'Exit.'" "We do need a better sign." #
  • What is (and isn't) an "instrument"? Is the term outmoded, or due for resuscitation? Discussion still going strong at #
  • Worth noting this library owes its existence to public vote in 1930 to approve additional taxes to fund construction. During the Depression. #
  • Man, the community experience at a public library on (re)opening day is an amazing thing. #richmonddistrict #415 #anza #
  • Anza Branch of SF Public Library has reopened after 2 years of work. Packed on opening day. Loud, especially by library standards. #
  • Wondering what percentage of people wearing noise-canceling earbuds do so simply to mute the world. #
  • My IM contact list must be the most peculiar and misleading artifact of my data exhaust. #
  • Planning for my first father's day (well, first as a father). Dim sum, museum visit, ukulele time. #
  • Next @greatdismal & Don DeLillo are shorts collections (non-ficton & fiction, respectively), & there's a new straight-to-English Lem/Solaris #
  • My espresso buzz matches the buzzes I'm listening to. #noiselife #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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