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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Spent $.99 before brushing my teeth this morning: Otomata app by @earslap is in iOS store. News: Interview: #
  • HTML5 audio synthesis excites me, but it feels like I'm excited about the third Captain America movie when the first one isn't even out yet. #
  • I love that the #noiselife hashtag just keeps going. #
  • RT @kimcascone: nice write up on my new CD here: #
  • Much data visualization is Edward Tufte fan art. #
  • Wondering how WYSIWYG suggests some sort of user benefit, when its root is, clearly and deservedly, the consumer caveat YGWYPF. #
  • Very excited about new Steven Soderbergh, Contagion, due in September, mostly because it means there's a new Cliff Martinez score. #
  • The word "files" in news reports about cyber-attacks is about as meaningful as the word "songs" in ads for portable MP3 players #
  • If you're used to multiple desktop monitors, perhaps the best thing about having an iPad (or equivalent) alongside laptop is continuity. #
  • One of those days when it feels that Flash is going away too far in advance of full HTML5 implementation, leaving worrisome innovation gap. #
  • One thing that's even better about Google+ than Twitter: the avatar employed by @gregdavismusic #
  • Now listening to cassette I bought in Hanoi of the Nhà Hát Múa Ri Thăng Long water puppet show. #
  • Oh, four years since Klock passed. My error. #
  • Five years since DJ Klock ended his life. Discography Sweet video Early beat #
  • Carbondating morning's cassette: RT @djtomassf Invisible Pictures: '97. Digitizing my old cassette mixes. Links on DJTomasSF FB page soon. #
  • #np DJ Klock's cassette-only Direction of Rainbow (Live Mix in New York). #
  • Nice. It is the silly straw of cassette tape looping. RT @jredsmyth: @mapmap @disquiet – prototype… #
  • Pondering sound "quality" on cassette from 1990s DJ scene in San Francisco. How much is age, materials, production, source audio, imagined? #
  • My neighborhood, San Francisco's Richmond District, has two modes, which I think of as Glasgow & Santa Monica. Today: Glasgow. #
  • RIP, Cuban guitarist Manuel Galbán (b. 1931): Buena Vista Social Club … Ry Cooder … Los Zafiros #
  • There's a new Sichuan restaurant in my neighborhood. Turns out it's scrumptious. Sichuan food and foghorns. What more could you ask for? #
  • Wishing all music publicists posted behind a privacy wall on Soundcloud: let me stream to check it out, read info, download if of interest. #
  • "The hills are alive with the sound of phonography…" RT @tobiasreber: The Music of Sound #johncagemusicals #
  • Illo to Slate new-music article tells different (& better) story than article itself: traditions old (chamber) & new (rock) work together. #
  • This Slate piece on contemporary (classical) music is a peculiar mix of aggression, grudge, and self-satisfied jadedness #
  • Featuring "Shall We Chance." RT @galenbrown The I Ching and I #johncagemusicals #
  • With Dawn Upshaw as Barbra Streisand RT @sohothedog FNNYGRL #johncagemusicals #
  • It's raining Twitter-bots. #
  • Tuesday noon siren, amid pounding of concrete work being done just outside the house. #
  • This coming Sunday is World Listening Day: #
  • The idea of a "release date" is arguably more outmoded than the idea of a "physical recording." #
  • Once on This Imaginary Landscape #johncagemusicals cc @sohothedog #
  • The Phantom of the Anechoic Chamber #johncagemusicals cc @sohothedog #
  • Caroline, or Music of Changes #johncagemusicals Cc @sohothedog #
  • Working on new motto. Wondering if "Composing in code" (as part of motto, not whole thing) mistakenly suggests I myself compose #
  • Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. #
  • Disappointed that Silence! The Musical is about Hannibal Lecter not John Cage, though the punctuation is a giveaway. #
  • Erich Fromm's Escape from Freedom & Zombies #
  • A block from the 6pm bells, the sound that turns the neighborhood into a village. #
  • Keith Fullerton Whitman shares three seconds of sound from his Sunday morning via #soundcloud #
  • RIP, jazz fusion/disco producer Alphonso "Fonce" Mizell (b. 1943) of Mizell Brothers. 4Hero mix here: via @primusluta #
  • This is kinda funny: RT @TwitSetters: Trending right now is "Splice". This trend is set by @disquiet #
  • Evening sounds: hard drive and fan blotting out the rest of the world. It will be shut off momentarily — the computer, not the world. #
  • RT @RedSunSoundroom Thanks to @disquiet I've had Wheels On The Bus permutations going round & round in my head for what feels like eternity #
  • RT @mapmap: Wow, two @disquiet posts mentioning my past projects in as many days! Very honored. + #
  • Lot of fun listening to vinyl last night with @superheronovels (Coleman, Fogerty, Sons of Mischief, Zep). Need to alphabetize my collection. #
  • The splice on the loop goes round and round, round and round, round and round … all through the song #noiseparent #noiselife #
  • Hard drive/fan especially loud this morning, no doubt because the house is otherwise so quiet. Listening to @2562amus album Aerial #
  • RIP, Motörhead guitarist Würzel (b. Michael Burston, 1949). #
  • Congrats to @earslap. The iOS version of his Otomata audio-game awaits AppStore approval Flash version gets upgrade, too #
  • More time passes, further back we look RT @Richard_Kadrey: Audio of 123-year-old doll could be 1st commercial recording #
  • First old tape I've played on my old cassette player: a Tomas mix ("Invisible Pictures Part One") whose title yields a null Google result. #
  • Late to the party. Only just this morning re-hooked up my old Denon cassette player. Guess I should clean the heads. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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