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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Piece I wrote recently. RT @SactownMagazine Need reading material? Read our piece on Charlie Peacock. Here he is w/ Bono #
  • RIP, violin teacher and critic (and, also, friend) Edith Eisler (b. 1925) via @operafella #
  • File under "If I were in Tokyo": Maciunas/Fluxus exhibit at Gallery 360 Degrees: (Events/concert, too.) #
  • If you don't use Thunderbird or Outlook in Windows 7, please tell me what you use. Thanks. #
  • Glad I didn't hit # while on hold with @godaddy — they're playing Squirrel Nut Zippers, missing whom is like being nostalgic for nostalgia. #
  • Thank you, @godaddy: "If you would like to remain on hold without music, press pound now." #
  • Feels like there have been a lot of albums about the death of the album (via @quietdesign) #
  • Gotta love emails from avant-ambient musicians that end with "keep rocking." #noiselife #
  • IT just replied "one setting was not correct" rather than "here's some additional information." Someone call the Nobel Peace Prize committee #
  • Final post on Warhol Initiative dinner I wrote short stories for: The stories: #
  • #ff @keithfwhitman @johnxela @tomcomitta @operafella @bwhitman @kimcascone (people who have fewer "followers" than me, & that's just stupid) #
  • Current "iTunes + Quicktime" update for Windows 7 seems big at 40.91 MB but that's about 1/3 the size of a 320kbps full-length album of MP3s #
  • One way to deal with frequent Flash updates is to interpret them as good omens. #protip #
  • My kid may have come to associate morning with not just the sun rising but with the Windows 7 startup sound. #
  • Listening to individual distant motorcycles roaming the city after midnight, as if Akira had been staged by Samuel Beckett. #
  • Far as I can tell, I am sitting between Russian playing-card divination and Chinese-scroll authentication. #richmonddistrict #415 #
  • Space shuttle is over, but astronaut-themed Shonen Jump series ST&RS has just begun. In English here via @SASAKI_Hisashi #
  • White Collar's HP product placement worked in reverse. When I see HP laptops, all I think is: White Collar. #
  • "Music" papers in Paper Shop of Penultimate iOS app have me wondering how to employ them in riff on Christian Marclay's Graffiti Composition #
  • When I get a new batch of Twitter sexbot followers, it's a race to introduce them to generative music before they're wiped from the system. #
  • Bummer. Dude at the cafe who always sat still while watching videos on his iPod Touch has bought a proper MacBook. End of an era. #
  • I'd like to place an order, please, for a mash-up of DJ Khaled's "I'm So Hood" and Celtic Frost's "I Won't Dance." #
  • [email protected] Here's a pretty sweet circuit-bent toy-rat music-thing by Tom (Univac) Koch: #
  • We called them suites before we called them mixtapes. #
  • I have killed another pair of earbuds. Do earbuds fear me, or mock me? I will assume mock. #
  • I deal with some good music publicists, but majority email every release to everyone in their Roledex with some faux-familiar opening. #
  • Sadly, old Russian guys aren't playing dominoes outside cafe. That & abacus-style counter they use is great part of neighborhood soundscape. #
  • This looks promising: (Site dedicated to collating news items about game audio.) via @sepulchra #
  • Few things speak to still nascent state of social media as the concert invitation that lists street address but not city name. #
  • Glad the cover to Steve Reich's WTC 9/11 makes sure we don't mistake it for being about, you know, a different WTC 9/11. #
  • RT @phillamarr: #SDCC The only place anyone should ever be asked: "who are you wearing?" #
  • Already got my first "it's not dubstep" communication, from @tobiasreber. #
  • Maybe at this point musicians releasing electronic music should only label it when it isn't "dubstep." #
  • Tending to Google+ feels like prepping a Yugioh card deck. #
  • Nice Jesse Baggs post on development of sketch for my Twitter background, including '60s photo of his dad playing drums #
  • Past two months' entries in the Sketches of Sound series were by guys whose dads played drums. #conspiracy #
  • RIP, graphic designer Alex Steinweiss (b. 1917), early developer of the album jacket #
  • My new Twitter background is by Sacramento-based cartoonist Jesse Baggs, of #
  • Thanks, G.I. Joe illustrator S.L. Gallant for drawning my Twitter background this past month: New background up shortly. #
  • Something is rotten in the state of IMAP. #
  • Sichuan for lunch, Persian for dinner. #
  • Hardest part of essay I just wrote wasn't how writing it felt like I was doing a puzzle. It was making it not read like I was doing a puzzle #
  • I'm electrosensitive only to the extent that I don't appreciate nostalgically mechanistic dance music. Cc @GlennF #
  • To anyone (publicist or musician) sending me mail in New Orleans, I haven't lived there since August 2003. #
  • Noon Tuesday siren in San Francisco on busy street. No one looks up. Bells toll a minute later, having waited their turn. #
  • Apparently "pie in one's face" is a more easily understandable invasion of personal space than "stranger listening to one's voice mail." #
  • "Audio Captcha" sounds like it could be the name of an Adrian Sherwood side project. #
  • Remembering what Dennis Potter named his cancer. #
  • Every time I come across a "Drones Over Yemen" news story I mistakenly think it's about Middle Eastern electronic music. #
  • When a movie (or TV series) is made about Murdoch/Brooks/Fox conflagration, it's pretty clear @robinrimbaud should score it. #
  • Cool news: Bjork has a free new app. Less cool: First thing it appears to do is suggest you purchase a $1.99 app. #
  • [email protected] Thanks for the #WorldListeningDay hashtag tip. #
  • World Listening Day reports. RT @opticecho for WLD I've got a mic outside recording the street noise during my ambient radio show ;) #
  • Today was World Listening Day. Tell me: What did you hear? (More on WLD 2011, July 18, here: #
  • Today was World Listening Day, but sadly Google News lists just two news stories: #
  • The new Amon Tobin is pretty great unless you play it in your car while you might think the car has mechanical issues. #
  • Not drowning, syncing. #
  • The Xeric Grant and Borders are both dead, both of them strong forces for comics. What a strange, sad week it is for comics. #
  • Sorry to learn of end of Xeric Grants: Never fully agreed with funding approach, but it had a great list of recipients. #
  • A relative reports that she's taking a Stony Brook class on social media & the professor's lecture today included a tweet of mine. Crazy. #
  • Been giving feedback on in-progress music apps. Draws on parallels & complementary aspects from my time in comics editing & music criticism. #
  • Afternoon ambient-haze audio stream courtesy of Chihei Hatakeyama: Album due out Aug 1. #
  • Pictures of book covers are a useful reference, but what I could really use much of the time is pictures of spines of books I'm looking for. #
  • Really enjoyed the BBC series State of Play. Staging its sequel now as reality television is genius. #
  • Loving the idea of the term "Singularity" having been (ab?)used so much that it has "transcended" meaning. via @bengo #
  • Saying you found something "on the Internet" is like saying you found something "on the planet." #
  • Mona Lisa in 140 "circles of color" via @jeanklare referencing issues we discussed re: Kind of Bloop #
  • Goat tacos for lunch, chaat for dinner, @oaklandmuseumca in between. #eastbayday #
  • Buck-fifty goat tacos on International Blvd in Oakland. #
  • Just another day at the ambient beach. RT @jredsmyth rinsing the saltwater off your piezos after a day at the beach #noiselife #
  • Good day. Visits to @sfmoma & @ybca, then picked up recent Botanist (Tumult) & Natural Yogurt Band (Now Again) CDs at @aquariusrecords. #
  • There are no doubt worse ways to die than in the midst of one's devices slowly syncing, but right now they don't occur to me. #
  • Had no idea Ragovoy wrote all those songs, whose shared sense of repetition made for some of my earliest proto-drone-rock experiences. #
  • RIP, songwriter Jerry Ragovoy (b. 1930): "Time Is on My Side," "Piece of My Heart," "Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)" #
  • "Hook and loop tape." Things we say when we mean Velcroâ„¢. #
  • What's great about drone-oriented group improvisation is the ensemble's implicit agreement to be less than the sum of its parts #
  • Closest thing I have to a diary is looking back at my tweets each Saturday when my automatically collects them as a single post #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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