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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • The third time you hear "Mustang Sally," it's probably time to move to another cafe. #
  • Is Tower Heist the Easy Rider of the #occupy movement? #
  • Album a lot less interesting texturally once I realized my earbuds were reproducing external noise picked up by laptop's mic. #
  • Apparently my hometown (Huntington, NY) has the highest U.S. per capita consumption of video games via @industrygamers #
  • There should be a placid Blue Angels event, just silent rainbow-colored air balloons passing to and fro all weekend long. #
  • The Blue Angels' #OccupyClouds noise-art performance work persists. It's like the Blue Man Group meets Transformers up there. #
  • Apparently this is not the debut year of the Prius Blue Angels. #
  • Delay/distortion on VoIP headset just slow enough that it sounds less like an echo of my voice and more like an imitator. #
  • Humidifier & construction next door creating peals of low-level audio beading: nanotech Steve Reich approaching grey-goo stage. #
  • The intro to the Person of Interest TV series is perhaps the most Processing-looking thing on network TV. #
  • Was just RT'd by @autohotkey. Question is, was it automated? #
  • Just a quiet night at home fine-tuning some AutoHotkey scripts. #
  • Favorite thing lately is singing my one-year-old to sleep by intoning the ABC song at 1/8th speed. #
  • The website for artist Paolo Salvagione has gone live at #
  • "in silence": best way to read Nobel laureate Tomas Tranströmer's poetry according to @tejucole in the New Yorker via @CBCarey #
  • Afternoon field recording: the elevator in the Shinjuku Washington Hotel, Tokyo: #
  • My first social network was a BBS. There's a mental score of a modem connect when Twitter's flow first fills my browser window. #
  • 4: Number of Apple products currently in household #
  • 1994: Year of second Apple purchase (supplanting x386 Toshiba laptop) #
  • 1984: year of first Apple purchase (supplanting my TRS-80) #
  • Temporary avatar swap inspired by those of @TelstarLogistic & @stevesilberman. #
  • [email protected] Agreed, re: Siri. Smartphone's best feature = less talk not more. But Android's audio search/transcription has been useful. in reply to JoshOwenMorris #
  • Apple's Siri-based iPhone release shortly after Kindle Fire reinforces poor Fire decision to dispense with microphone. #
  • Reminder about Steve Jobs memorial "deals": if seller isn't taking a loss or matching costs, then it's profiting from grief. #
  • Really loving the new Google Docs icons. #
  • Still just looking forward to looking forward to Person of Interest. Hopeful for solid post-surveillance pop culture. #
  • Closest I come to following organized sports is observing race between competing email news alerts from NY & LA Times. #
  • Wednesday night, I suddenly realize I didn't hear the Tuesday noon siren yesterday. I was in a Szechuan restaurant in Chinatown at the time. #
  • RIP, Steve Jobs (b. 1955). #
  • Afternoon score (far to near): bus passing, neighbor's construction, bird flutter, breeze, baby's snoring, rain-like iPad tap tap typing #
  • RIP, Bert Jansch (b. 1943), founding member of Pentangle #
  • RIP, David Bedford (b. 1937), British composer #
  • It's about three months until the 15th anniversay of, so right about now in 1996 I was weighing my URL choices. #
  • My favorite album this week is the dehumidifier we've borrowed from our neighbors. #
  • Sonar ping on bus as it idles while driver reattaches cabling, like we're in a submarine sending out a distress signal. #
  • Morning audio environment: intermittent construction next door, dehumidifier drone, occasional piano chord signalling new email #
  • [email protected] The Oxford comma is the smallest Rorschach test invented yet. in reply to osakimandias #
  • Dilla's Donuts cover updated at Urban Outfitters' request. Praised someone's CBGB T. Response: Unaware what it was; just "looked cool" at UO #
  • Writing on Twitter provokes crossword-like conversations. "What's a shorter word for 'complimented'?" #
  • TV's Person of Interest is like if Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry took orders from Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin's Listening Post. #
  • TV's Person of Interest is like if Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin's Listening Post were a police procedural. #
  • One of those nights where people know each other primarily via Twitter/blogs. I am not Marc Weidenbaum; I am Marc Atdisquiet. #
  • Maybe human-readable URLs could be to post titles as etched words on the inside rings of vinyl LPs are to album titles. #
  • Sweaty Monocle #magazineswiththewordsweatyinthename #
  • Yeah, images on are now full width and (in the case of smaller items, like album covers) flush-aligned. Feels a lot cleaner. #
  • They're announcing items at the cafe with a handheld bellows instrument: "Your panini will be ready in the key of D." #
  • ♪ Afternoon remix: Daedelus munches on Savath y Savalas, making it deliriously squelchy: #
  • Astonishing how much lower CPU load is when using @emclient for email rather than, say, Outlook or Thunderbird. Possibly a Win7 netbook must #
  • Hoping to make the @bldgblog talk tonight at @SFAIevents #
  • Trying out @emclient on my netbook. So far, so good. #
  • My one-year-old's snoring sounds like a turntable needle stuck in a lock groove at the end of an LP. #
  • Excellent day at APE — old friends and new artists. #
  • Nice Memorex-ad reference on this week's episode of Fringe. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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