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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • RIP, Jimmy Savile (b. 1926), original Top of the Pops host and Britain's "first pop disk jockey" #
  • Nice if @goodreads made API babies with movie/food/app services. Got enough books. Like to know what DeLillo fans are drinking. #
  • RT gregdavismusic: @disquiet my eventide harmonizer is broken and I can't fix it #fourthworldproblems #
  • Fans of Jon Hassell should reclaim the #fourthworldproblems hashtag from the science-fiction gags. #
  • Thought passing siren was part of this drone I was listening to. #fourthworldproblems #noiselife #
  • Pro tip: to increase volume of barber shop, close eyes. #
  • Remix contests are great because it's great to focus on the individual stems that are provided. Sometimes the submissions are good, too. #
  • Thanks to SFNTF (San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation) for securing support for (my local) Balboa Movie Theater (dates from 1926). #
  • When Safari causes hassles in iOS 5, I think back to the Pleistocene-era "Microsoft is embedding IE in Windows!" debacle. #
  • It's not just a metronome. It's a nanotech Steve Reich generator. #
  • Unintentional aficionado of x.0.1 software updates. #
  • "Your tracks are inspiring me to do some field recording I've been meaning to do." A good day. #
  • Buying a new laptop isn't as fun as it used to be. Built-in obsolescence feels more institutionalized, cynical. OS culture wars, uglier. #
  • The account of the fine artist, Scott Gilbert, who drew my Twitter background is @scottapeshot. It's the 19th in my Sketches of Sound series #
  • Wondering if @cakemusic will commission a remix of its song "Arco Arena" and title it "Power Balance Pavilion." #
  • Morning ambience: anxious, pulsing drone of "You've Got Less Time Than You Think" by @markrushtoncom via @soundcloud #
  • I know my iPad is charging because it says "Not Charging" #experience #
  • The new, iPad-adapted update of the @soundcloud iOS app is splendid. I don't see a volume control or download option, but otherwise great. #
  • Sonic armistice. #
  • RIP, Charles Hamm (b. 1925), scholar of popular music ("traced pop’s history … [to] colonial-era compositions") #
  • Sonic weapons. RT @sfmnemonic: copters make it hard for people to talk. … Helicopter drone raises tensions, doesn't quell or disperse. #
  • Many thanks to Scott Faulkner, aka @vinylsaurus, for my Twitter background this past month. My new image is by Scott Gilbert. #
  • Midway through Neal Stephenson's Reamde, standing in comic-book store, laughing at apostrophes. #
  • Disappointed that Shazam failed to recognize string quartet that was serving as phone hold music. #
  • Mournful foghorns clearly in sympathy with #occupyoakland #
  • Nearby high school's drum corps practice (all stop and start, restart, solos, pauses, pattern repetition) is like martial broken beat music. #
  • I love getting mail addressed to the "resident" at my POB. It is like a Fluxus script for a Quay Brothers film. #
  • The overall impression is that time doesn't pass; it accrues. #
  • From an Oct 12 blog post at 33 1/3: "Talking Heads' Fear of Music by Jonathan Lethem – this will publish in March/April 2012." #
  • Doorbell rings. No one is there. Just a package with the new book of finger paintings by @thejorgecolombo. There should be more such rings. #
  • Apparently there is a life-size model of Moondog at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in Manhattan. We live in excellent times. #
  • RIP, Walter Müller (b. 1927), inventor of "futuristic harmonica," the MIDI wind controller Millioniser via @cdmblogs #
  • Tags that start with hyphens now appear to be functioning in @delicious. Whew. #
  • If my @goodreads were accurate it would evidence that I read Zoomer Builds a Racing Car 17 times today and One Little Puppy 19. #
  • Gap between quitting majoring in comp-sci freshman year & discovering Alan Moore during junior were my "non-recursive years." #
  • RIP, John McCarthy (b. 1927), creator of the Lisp programming language, which always looked like an e.e. cummings poem (via @defjaf) #
  • Note to self: that music you were listening to didn't descend into nearly subaudial psychedelic quiet. It ended. That was your laptop fan. #
  • Pro tip: if you think your laptop's speaker isn't powerful enough, just work next to a sleeping baby. #
  • Spent time confirming siren I was heard was in background of recent @io9 interview with Neal Stephenson (at 21:15) #
  • As always, listening in slow motion over weeks and months as my one-year-old's babbles become recognizable words ("apple," for example). #
  • Ice cream store score: squeaking of stools spun by kids, milk shake machine rumble, refrigeration drone, straws rubbing on plastic tops. #
  • People dialing rotary phones had additional time to mentally prepare what to say. #
  • "Picture books are a form, not a genre." A children's-books manifesto: #
  • Weird disconnect that MIT Technology Review's sci fi issue may not be readily available digitally. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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