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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Past Week at

  • Working in Menlo-Regular. Maybe I don't need Consolas after all. #
  • Heard fan on Macbook Air for first time since Tuesday purchase. Now back to silent. #SSD #
  • Whenever I use the term "program music" I am concerned a reader will think I mean "program as in 'computer program.'" #
  • Guy outside working fervidly in cold on massive phone-line switch box. He turns around. I'm surprised he's not Robert De Niro in Brazil. #
  • Actual choice in Apple email asking why I declined help setting up laptop at Apple Store: "I wanted to experience opening the box on my own" #
  • Most prominent post-Windows ghost pain: absence of Consolas font. This will be addressed shortly. #switch #
  • Laptop adjusting brightness relative to environment on day of passing clouds is exercise in adverse effects of automation on nervous system. #
  • "exhibition’s co-curator…dreamed…Brian Eno appeared to him and declared, 'Germany Is Your America'" via @nytimes #
  • First major back-to-Mac revelation: Keyboard Shortcuts (under System Preferences) is great. Suits all my AutoHotkey needs. #
  • Noon church bells collude and collide with beep of truck backing up. #
  • Exhibit by @salvagione opens tonight at Aggregate Space in Oakland. I wrote an essay for it (, design by @boondesign. #
  • Writing on a laptop with an SSD drive is a peaceful experience. #
  • [email protected] As Einstein said, "There is no audible tick-tock everywhere in the world that can be considered as time." in reply to osakimandias #
  • Dear Hive Mind, What's a Mac application that syncs with @simplenoteapp and supports both its pin and tags features? #
  • Disappointed that Chime in Valve's Steam doesn't play on Mac. (Now have Metallica going through my head: "No remorse no regret.") #
  • I hear Pink Floyd. My immediate impression is that someone is watching The Wall on one of the cafe's many laptops, but it's just the radio. #
  • I bought a Mac yesterday evening. It's my third Mac ever, my first since 1994. This should be interesting. (My first Mac was the first Mac.) #
  • Trying out, belatedly, the @soundcloud Mac application for the first time. Nifty. Glad to see that unlike the iOS app it supports downloads. #
  • My pleasure. RT @falsereactions: My set from CMKY (@communikey) was featured on Disquiet this morning. Check it: #
  • Fave tweet of day, and it's only 6:37am. RT @CBCarey: Construction in 4 different locations in town this AM. It's like Antheil spatialized. #
  • I've got a new essay for @salvagione's new work RT @boondesign: Aggregate Space opening Fri, 6-8pm. Oakland Art Murmur: #
  • Every time you report a Twitter spambot, an angel gets its iPad. #
  • Best thing about a cafe near a Russian Orthodox Church? Besides the bells, it's the regular appearance of men in cassocks using iPads. #
  • This is @richard_kadrey on Esquivel: "It sounds like what James Bond's dentist must play in his waiting room." #
  • iPad set to notify email arrivals with alerts. Woke to 50+ emails. Had to "dismiss" each individually. Switched to banners. #hassle #ux #
  • RIP, French composer/musician/musicologist André Hodeir (b.1921); his "Anna Livia Plurabelle" & "Bitter Ending" set Finnegan’s Wake to music #
  • dog-whistle auto-dramaturgy #
  • 6:00pm bells pushing through traffic noise, some ancient practice struggling to be heard in modern world. #
  • Work by @taylordeupree @wcraghead & @mapmap hasn't made me routinely receptive to Instagram but has convinced me it can be used exquisitely. #
  • Hoping to catch Faust at the Balboa Theater tomorrow night. #
  • Tuesday noon siren heard against beep of timer from kitchen of Chinese restaurant. #
  • Sudden distant police siren brings background to foreground and highlights the current utter absence of bird song. #
  • Admash (noun): The accidental mashup when your mouse triggers a "rich media" ad on website that's already streaming audio. #
  • Based on how we read these ABC books, my 14-month-old must think the ISBN code is the 27th letter of the alphabet. #
  • Apparently the song birds are getting bigger in our area: #
  • Morning alarm. Sonic sunrise. #
  • RIP, Tom Keith (b. 1947), who created the sound effects for the radio series Prairie Home Companion: #
  • Listened to long drone concert on repeat for afternoon & early evening. Details came into focus over time. Volume increased as sky darkened. #
  • One ebook at a time per device. #
  • Man, the new Google Reader is lovely. #
  • Will not be posting "spooky" music today because all music has the potential to be spooky. #
  • My nightmare scenario? These foghorns switch from Ingram Marshall mode to John Williams mode. #
  • 23 dB – 34 dB: baby snores #
  • Always happy when a program informedly updates/refines its commands. Except it often means an unexpected half hour re-coding of AutoHotkeys. #
  • It is so Instagram outside right now. Thick fog, bright sun. #
  • It is so film noir outside in the Richmond District right now. #
  • T-shirts for Russ & Daughters and for Katz's Deli sighted outside Nopalito in San Francisco. #
  • Would swear the bird is chirping in between the noon church bells. Well, perhaps "swear" is the inappropriate word. #
  • Half the time I see "PD" in tweets I think it's about a Puredata meetup, not police #occupy activity. #
  • Hey, hive mind: I'm requesting recommendations for particularly strong/thorough biography of Wallace Stevens? Thanks. #
  • The latch on the window is in fact a switch that turns on the bird-song noises. #
  • Evening's highly recommended streaming: lively clicktronic kitchen-sink instrumental pop of @bacanalintruder: #
  • Windows open front & rear on sunny October day in San Francisco. Sounds of cars in living room, helicopters in backyard. Sonic crossbreeze. #
  • Have been out'n'about in San Francisco for over six hours and saw just one Nintendo DS. #nintendtimes #
  • Secret origin of Bluetooth. RT @ptermx: @disquiet Aye! 'twas a business invented by crazies so they could get under the radar. #
  • If we're not careful, the image of our time will be individuals alone in their cars seemingly talking to themselves. #
  • New Koji Asano album likely the first recording I have ever received that came with a promotional pack of tissues. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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