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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Instagr/am/bient update: All images are in. There are 22 contributors. If you're involved & don't get an assignment from me today, email me. #
  • Two-hour warning. We have 18 official participants in the Instagr/am/bient project. At least one more expected. Deadline: 10:30pm, Pacific. #
  • RIP, Alan Styles, the Pink Floyd roadie after whom "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" (off Atom Heart Mother) was named. #
  • RIP, composer Minoru Miki (b. 1930), who wrote the music for the film In the Realm of the Senses. #
  • iOS sound-app upgrades: Bebot got a sub-oscillator and more; Inception got a revised dream; RJ Voyager and Mixtikl are now iOS5-friendly. #
  • Chamber-music noise remix: hold music on my phone playing through its speaker while I wait for operator. #
  • Would someone please make a movie just of Blair Brown and Judy Davis staring each other down? Music by Clint Mansell. #
  • Great Instagr/am/bient photo from @pheezy. Rest due by 10:30pm. Then I begin sorting who gets which. Cover design will be by @boondesign. #
  • Traffic to from Facebook is 4x Twitter. Participation from Twitter is 10x Facebook. #
  • Participating in Instagr/am/bient? Your photo due 10:30pm Pacific today. I assign you a photo tomorrow by 1:30pm. Your track due by 12/24. #
  • Great Instragr/am/bient entries by @benjamindauer @ooray @falsereactions @markrushtoncom @naotko and many more. This is gonna be great. #
  • Alberto Iglesis scored Soderbergh's two-part Che and now the Tinker Tailor remake. He has mid-century Cold War sonics down. #
  • RIP, Jerry Robinson (b. 1922), who created the Joker. His uniquely shaky line brought a uniquely ambiguous morality to comics. #
  • The incongruity between sitting next to your peacefully sleeping child and hearing multiple sirens racing toward some troubled destination. #
  • Apparently the Kindle Fire isn't deaf. It needs a hearing aid. The mic-less device reportedly works with mic-enabled headsets. #
  • Nice surprise seeing this Steve Roden painting at the Sonma U Art Gallery in between two Richard Serras. #
  • Similarities between "physical structure of spider silk and the sonic structure of a melody" tx @karmenite @physorg_com #
  • "Hear, hear." RT @pulsetrain: @disquiet how the @_type label does everything is worth emulating #
  • To be clear, innovation comes in many forms, not just "social." How the Type label streams all albums on @soundcloud is worth emulating. #
  • [email protected]_w_young As many people have said, it'd be nice if someone built a pretty front end to in reply to a_w_young #
  • Soundcloud accounts of, you know, with-it, contemporary musicians that follow no one: Flying Lotus, Neon Indian, Matthew Dear, Sonic Youth. #
  • And there's that. RT: @DevMartinMusic @disquiet @soundcloud If you follow a million people. You look like spam. #
  • Mostly for record labels: If you don't follow anyone on @soundcloud, you don't look participatory. You look like a billboard. #
  • Just getting started with VLC, PD-extended, Soundcloud, Mixxx. And you? @gtra1n: disquiet what music apps are you using on your MacBook Air? in reply to gtra1n #
  • Programs that crash most on my Macbook Air: iCal, Thunderbird. Chrome doesn't crash, just goes into RHM (resource-hog mode). #
  • 24 hours until Stage 1 of Instagrambient project. If you've contacted me & haven't heard back, lemme know. Photos due Friday 10:30pm Pacific #
  • Now at Tikva pop-up vinyl shop in the Mission. Here's my interview with Fool's Gold on assimilation and appropriation: #
  • Gotten five gorgeous images for the "making ambient music inspired by Instagram photos" collaborative project. Well underway. #
  • Check list available of musicians sampled by the Beastie Boys who are already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? #
  • The cafe stereo is playing an acoustic guitar instrumental rendition of "Layla." Can someone tweet me a flamethrower? #
  • Off to sleep. More "Instagr/am/bient" details and correspondence in the morning (Pacific Time). #
  • If you're interested in being part of the Instagram/ambient project, and you haven't received an email/tweet/soundcloud message, lemme know. #
  • Apparently the domain is still available. I don't think I'll be purchasing it. Related: is taken. #
  • I'll be sending out plans for "Instagram ambient" project in the next 24 hours. Wanna be included? Shoot me email: [email protected] dot com. #
  • San Francisco Tuesday noon siren through open window on sunny day. Kinda wish every day had its own specific noon alarm. Kinda. #
  • Batman composer Hans Zimmer crowd-sourcing chants for new film's score via @io9 #longestfilmcreditsever #
  • Nature is the remix. RT @soundsurvivlist: Looping @ambienteer track via @disquiet in office today. Perfect accompaniment to rain outside. #
  • One week 'til 15th anniversary of Seems like just yesterday I was faxing my URL order form. Yes, faxing. #
  • Concrete poetry, animated gifs, more. RT @tommoody: In NY? Please come to my EFA Project Space talk Wed. night (12/7): #
  • This new Timbaland beat, "Pass At Me," is my least favorite of his in a long time. #
  • I think we have a winner. RT @benjamindauer: @disquiet Sys Prefs > Users > You > Login Items – remove iTunesHelper. Should rid 'listener'. #
  • [email protected] @rlainhart Figured out where "Prevent [iPads/etc.] from syncing automatically" is. Now how to just stop iTunes auto-launch. in reply to benjamindauer #
  • Dear Mac People: How do I keep iTunes from opening on my laptop when I connect my iPad? Thanks, Marc #
  • Previous tweet's quote of Turner winner Martin Boyce from a short biographical film quoted by @artinfodotcom here: #
  • 2011's Turner winner, a sculptor, Martin Boyce, shares a perspective with 2010's: "I became interested in making places rather than objects" #
  • Something to listen to while reading about Turner Prize winner: Our compilation tribute to last year's, Susan Philipsz: #
  • Really happy I opted for the 13" laptop over the 11". Never thought I'd go for the larger one, but it's working out nicely. #
  • As I work on design refinement of I realize that despite what the logo says, I think of it as, not as Disquiet. #
  • Very good point. Some metronomes do benefit from tutorials. RT @jamesmcn: @disquiet Billotti Trinome emulator? #
  • You know the world is complicated when a metronome app adds a tutorial. #
  • Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. #
  • You can listen without irony to Pat Benatar and Bob Seger in the Mission District on a Saturday night: #tikva #idelsohn #
  • RIP, blues great Hubert Sumlin (b. 1931), via @pheezy @stevesilberman #
  • Sudden blast of foghorn, like it had woken in a jolt from a nap. #
  • Wanted this for awhile: RRRecords 7" of 100 locked grooves. $5 at garage sale on Valencia @ 18th in SF #415 #
  • Berlin report: RT @osakimandias: To extent that evening's chill is bearable, it's the subtle music of rainstorm in the city that makes it so #
  • Last night I got to watch Steve Berlin and band perform an original score to a 1928 Russian silent film. Report here: #
  • The 6:00pm bells sound like a dingy being rocked on the waves of traffic noise. #
  • Today's baby time mash: Sandra Boynton's "Moo, Baa, La La La!" in the style of Mose Allison. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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