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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Going Twitter-dark Dec 22 at 5:30pm Pacific, through morning of Jan 3. May break silence for Instagr/am/bient project notice. #
  • The 15th Instagr/am/bient track (of 25) arrived; 10 to go, 2 to be trimmed. The parallels of visual and sonic filters soon to be shared. #
  • Thanks to Jaime Crespo ( for drawing my Twitter-background boombox. It’s the 21st monthly Sketches of Sound piece. #
  • Thanks to @bartalos for drawing the bicycle horns that were my Twitter background for past month! It was the 20th monthly Sketches of Sound. #
  • The trailer to Prometheus employs the screams (among other things) from the 1979 Alien trailer: per @io9 #
  • Are there iOS or OS X apps making creative use of Home Sharing? Or is it solely an iTunes-to-iTunes (or in iOS, “Music”) thing? #
  • Morning listen: Cliff Martinez’s score to Espion(s). #
  • RT @xeni: Has anyone else who had MRI ever considered that the opening stanzas sound like intro to “Blue Monday”? And the chirping is cute. #
  • Another 4 Instagr/am/bient track in my inbox this morning. We’re up to 13 completed (1 pending edit) and 12 due. More than halfway there. #
  • Have now received 10 of the 25 Instagr/am/bient tracks. Two need a little trimming, 15 more to come by Christmas Eve. #
  • Always nice when the band that’s due to play the cafe where you’re getting some writing done turns out to be a string quartet. #  
  • The Wikipedia fundraising photos are funny. But a phrase like “personal appeal from an author of 2,463 Wikipedia articles” is a cry for help #
  • Thanks! RT @SactownMagazine: Check out great Atlantic piece about silent computing by Sactown writer Marc Weidenbaum: #
  • Going Twitter-dark for a week or so, except when time to mention Instgr/am/bient album’s release. Dark on eve of Dec 22, back on Jan 3 morn. #
  • The Instagr/am/bient entries are coming in left and right. Remember, they should be between 1 minute and three minutes in length. #
  • Generative sound app new/improved RT @ThicketApp: #ThicketReboot released and free! Video: iTunes: #
  • Noon bells against a plaintive airplane drone. #
  • We have a winner! The first stage of the Voight-Gnirut Fail Test is getting the joke. RT @GlennF: @disquiet The Gnirut Fail? #
  • What’s the opposite of the Turing Test, where you see bloggers fall for the fawning praise of comment-spammers looking for link-backs? #
  • New Thunderbird installed. Hopeful that little “crashes a lot” thing has been ironed out. #
  • Thus far in my home-stereo fiddling, none of the words in “Universal Plug and Play” (aka uPnP) seem fully valid. #win7 #ios #lion #android #
  • RIP, Norman Krim (b. 1913), early Radio Shack owner and “electronics visionary” who championed the transistor #
  • This is @cdmblogs at its best. Thoughtful commentary, developer overview of generative app development (Pugs Luv Beats) #
  • Odd @TheEconomist “Amen Break” story: Why now? No comparison to “Funky Drummer.” Ubiquity attributed to “some people.” #
  • Frank survival research. RT @xeni: IN CLOSING, MRI is like an SRL show inside tiny metal coffin. I’ll close my eyes & think of Mark Pauline. #
  • Tuesday noon siren while reading Hickory, Dickory, Dock with my (nearly) 16-month-old. #
  • In netlabel-land, the exquisite corpse at @vuzhmusic‘s is one of my favorite things, so much so I forget to write about it. #
  • [email protected] Was gonna say the Boats CD is best way to greet dawn, but any overstatement would be untrue to the music’s understatement. in reply to taylordeupree #
  • It’s a measure of Rezor’s work that Dragon Tattoo contains some of my favorite loud music and quiet music of the year. #
  • The Boats’ Ballads of the Research Department (12k) is a fine dawn listen. #
  • For those about to light the candles, here’s the Hanukkah remix project I put together last year with @tabletmag: #
  • “Ambient overblown” is a relative thing. RT @ooray: Mostly done with my instagr(am)ient track for @disquiet. Overblown & symphonic as usual. #
  • Great list. The Yogurt and the Drive are great. RT @emarg0ed: New post: Music, twenty-eleven #2011faves #
  • RIP, Warren Hellman (b. 1934). Thank you for having Nick Lowe play for free blocks from my house years after year. #
  • Tracks thus far are great RT @earsmack Submitted my Instagr/am/bient composition to @disquiet. Can’t wait to listen to the final compilation #
  • Ever since “Dear Leader” passed, all I can think of is the depiction in World War Z of North Korea going dark. #
  • Originally felt like Blade Runner. Now fully existential. RT @colinholter: @disquiet Directly related to fear you may be a computer program. #
  • The persistent fear that you will fail to accurately enter captchas. #
  • Noon: vintage church bells and carburetors. #
  • At the risk of sounding polemical, it is safe to say that all bands now are post-rock bands, even rock bands. #
  • As I ponder my favorites of the year in various categories, this is easily the record I have listened to most often: #
  • Totally! We need a 40-Part Motet version of Unsilent Night with 4 Jamboxes atop circulating Roombas. RT @qDot Roombas! #
  • Need to set up “40 Part Motet” version of Unsilent Night: a room with 4 Jamboxes, each playing 1 of the 4 parts. Maybe on a trolley system. #
  • RIP, Vaclav Havel (b. 1936). It’s said that everyone who bought the first Velvet Underground album upon release later started a revolution. #
  • “Certificate of destruction.” Language from the competitive realm of per-pound paper-shredding services. And the next Guns & Roses album. #
  • “Smallest cross-cut shred in the city.” Language from the competitive realm of per-pound paper-shredding services. #
  • Been expecting this. RT @cocoalabs: Ack! iTunes match replaced some of my parental advisory rap w/ clean versions. Terrible! Tx @lucas_gonze #
  • From Unsilent Night, up Mission to Tikva Records. A good Saturday night. #
  • Best Unsilent Night I have attended: great crowd, no rain, strong sound, and curious bystanders. #
  • Thanks to @pheezy for hooking his Jambox to my iPad for the Unsilent Night march. #
  • Beautiful jellyfish stop traffic as Unsilenters head down 19th St. #
  • Unsilent Night miracle: 7:25pm parking a block and a half from starting point. #
  • Check out @dpnem list of his 100 favorite #netlabel music of the year: I’ll have my list up by year’s end, #
  • For those not about to rock Unsilent Night, maybe my stationary recording of 2010’s San Francisco event will suffice: #
  • Dear Hive, Film-Score Unit: Is Nathan Larson’s music for Margin Call or Jon Brion’s for The Future available commercially? #
  • For tweets focused on sound art, follow @liminallistener, a subsidiary of @Vuzhmusic Enterprises. #
  • RIP, Cesária Évora (b. 1941), legendary Cape Verde singer. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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