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  • Crazy white noise filled the living room in the near dark at 6:10am as I was typing. The Tivo machine was, briefly, a sonic blast furnace. #
  • I've learned much from the Instagr/am/bient project. One key thing: @soundcloud sets would benefit from "shuffle play" mode. #
  • interviews department redesigned. Highlights full list of 72 since 1992: (More TK from archive.) #
  • Our new compilation of original music, Instagr/am/bient, has almost 2,000 listens on @soundcloud, in under 24 hours: #
  • The first remix production, Our Lives in the Bush of Disquiet, has had almost 35,000 downloads since its 2006 release. #
  • The facts of the contemporary home stereo. #soundcloud #
  • Somewhat overwhelmed by amount of Instagr/am/bient correspondence. This is good. #
  • Thanks for warm Instagr/am/bient response. 1200 plays in first half day, not counting downloads: #
  • Instagr/am/bient is 25 musicians making sonic postcards inspired by each other's @instagram photos: #
  • Major thanks to @boondesign for the visual heavy lifting. The 10MB PDF he put together for Instagr/am/bient is gorgeous #
  • Thanks to @mapmap @benjamindauer @ooray @wcraghead and everyone else who made Instagr/am/bient possible. #
  • Promised myself I wouldn't do a Disquiet multi-musician project until Lisbon one's done but this congealed fast/nicely: #
  • Despite possible mistaken impressions, I'm new to Instagram. If you do it, I'm @dsqt over there. Here, of course, I get to keep my vowels. #
  • It's time to share something a whole lotta people have been working on #
  • Instagr/am/bient 5×5. #
  • Coming soon. #netlabel #ambient #instagram #
  • Momentary break from Twitter-silence. Graphic genies at @boondesign & I are nearing completion on Instagr/am/bent. Release to appear soon. #
  • Tools. #

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