Video + 2 Free MP3s from Michal Jacaszek’s ‘Glimmer’

When it comes to best-of lists, the end of the year is also the beginning of the year. (My list is here.) We list our favorites not just to reflect on them, but also to spur interest among potential listeners. And so it’s nice to see when record labels play along. Though 2011 is in the past, the Ghostly label continues to build on the popularity of deserved Glimmer, an enchanting full-length recording by musician Michal Jacaszek, who records under his family name and originates from Poland. Ghostly just sent out an email announcing this spectral wonder, a video for a Glimmer track, “Dare-gale,” that matches the song’s mix of glitchy harpsichord renderings with layers of manipulated Super 8 footage. True to what might be termed the Ghostly aesthetic, the whole thing moves along like a slow montage of Instagram photos: artfully hazy, willfully nostalgic, admirably insouciant:

And though in the past it was generally the case that a video existed to sell a song that existed to sell an album, in this case “Dare-Gale” is one of two tracks off Glimmer that Ghostly has made available for free download. The other is “Seiden Stille,” which is more rangy in form, with orchestral washes, deep dips and asides, and eerily dramatic pauses.

The visible “Seiden Stille” player only has a “buy” link, but there’s a download link on the track’s page.

More on the album, including two additional videos, at More on Jacaszek at

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