My 33 1/3 book, on Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume II, was the 5th bestselling book in the series in 2014. It's available at Amazon (including Kindle) and via your local bookstore. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #sound-art, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art.
Playing with audio.
Sounding out technology.
Composing in code.

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  • 9 "expanded glass harp" tracks now in Latest are Chicago's @otologist San Jose's @CompMusicBlog Brisbane's Greg Hooper #
  • Jan 21 = Instagr/am/bient Track 21 = @orangecookie's "Near Cedar," based on an @instagram by @c_bissonnette: #
  • Nicely put. RT @stringbot: @disquiet I like the challenge of trying to keep it from getting boring. #
  • I'd say fade in/out's kosher. RT @stringbot: Recorded 40 minutes of improv but since I'm not allowed to edit I have to cull the best bits. #
  • Crazy rainy night in San Francisco, watching my 16-month-old. Listening to "expanded glass harp" music in the Junto; thanks to all involved! #
  • Looking forward to it RT @ben_carey: uploading my first @disquiet #junto track: glass harmonica processed live using my derivations software #
  • I can't fully recommend Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but I can recommend seeing it on a rainy day. #
  • To use FileZilla for FTP on a Mac is to be reminded that OS X is just as littered with human-unreadable gibberish files as is Windows. #
  • When I miss my old laptop, I just use my Macbook Air in the kitchen while the dishwasher is running. #
  • Jan 20 = Instagr/am/bient Track 20 = @tomacropolis' sonic rendition of an @instagram by @atlastop #
  • RIP, Jamaican producer/musician Winston Riley (b. 1946), via @themusicsover & @JDKun #stalag #slackest #
  • "Expanded glass harp" Junto photos: @ooray's & @cinchel's & @markrushtoncom's #
  • Haunting & lovely. RT @ooray: my contribution for @disquiet junto 3: Duet for Wine Glasses in C and F, via #soundcloud #
  • Man, that is just beautiful. RT @cinchel: rather proud of my entry in this weeks @disquiet junto #
  • Junto on @soundcloud welcomes 64th contributor & 116th member. There are already 4 pieces for "expanded glass harp": #
  • Nice ensemble you have there. @markrushtoncom: Setup for @disquiet junto no. 3: The Expanded Glass Harp #
  • RT @osakimandias: Listening to Glass in the evening of a chilly Friday. Sometimes it's hard to tell where the rain ends and the piano begins #
  • Forget Avengers versus X-Men. I want to see the new DC Comics logo versus Pac-Man. #
  • The new DC Comics logo looks like what happens when you open a roll of Life Savers candies and the one on top is broken #
  • Noun + verb, together in perfect alarm: "Intense sound signal may sound": (Thanks, @mrgavinedwards.) #
  • RIP, Jamesetta Hawkins (b. 1938). That's Etta James to you and me. #
  • Dear Musician: If your PR firm's emails only offer a blanket unsubscribe option, it's not really doing its job. It's just shotgunning. #
  • Good news: new Steven Soderbergh film. Better news: new David Holmes score. #
  • First track has already appeared in third Junto,, and someone has glass-harp tips for teetotalers: #
  • Guillermo Galindo's subwoofer substation in action this evening: #
  • Just noticed how Andrew Sullivan has remixed his blog's logo. Nice one. #blur #
  • Twitter is the cinnamon in my presidential-debate oatmeal. #
  • Yup! RT @p_cers: Q: As long only sound source is wine glass & it's recorded in real time we can do anything with processing/resulting sound? #
  • Yeah, I'm testing boundaries & learning. RT @GuyBirkin: @disquiet Blimey that's a tough one! Nevertheless, I'll certainly have a crack at it #
  • I'm glad you don't = I like lofi. RT @saffronslumber: Wish I had a decent mic. #
  • Thrift store. #diy RT @p_cers: @disquiet Not sure I even own any wine glasses (not long moved and didn't bring glassware with us!) #
  • The third Disquiet Junto project, "The Expanded Glass Harp": Deadline: Monday, Jan 23, 11:59pm. #
  • Poetry or irony? Name of firm that designed great illo accompanying Lanier's reactive Op-Ed is Open, NY. (@notclosed): #
  • Lanier questions "free," favors free association: "Networks lock in their users, whether it is Facebook’s members or Google’s advertisers." #
  • Jan 19 = Instagr/am/bient Track 19 = Ted James' droning response to an @instagram by Simon Scott: #
  • I love toiling in a library. Overheard: "Do you remember what the structure of glucose is?" #
  • Dear Jaron Lanier: You are, indeed, not a gadget. Congratulations. You seem to have become a gidget: a little contrarian with big ideas. #
  • Lanier (re: pro-SOPA corps): "We…are banishing people for their speech." Reality: (1) SOPA curtails speech. (2) Boycott is free speech. #
  • Lanier: "The result is a chilling atmosphere, with people afraid to speak their minds." Reality: Internet thick with tweets/posts/memos. #
  • He says Google & Wikipedia have "stated nonpartisan missions"? Huh? Google has lobbyists and Wikipedia's open model is a political act. #
  • I have come to believe Jaron Lanier's opinions are less opinions than reactions. Here's his @nytimes piece on #SOPA #
  • .@cinchel Yeah, the assignment may backfire on me, but I'm trying to suss out how complex we can go, and to avoid "sample of the week" mode. in reply to cinchel #
  • Pro-SOPA/PIPA Copyright Timecops go back to early 1900s and attack "Big Victrola" for producing albums just to sell appliances. #
  • .@primusluta Yeah, Junto projects are a little over 4 days: 2 weekdays & 2 weekend, to allow for how participants schedule their time. in reply to primusluta #
  • Junto #3 will be more complex. Project announcement soon at To be on email list, send me your address. #
  • "fun, challenging, terrifying": thoughtful post by @gesslr about participating in Disquiet Junto projects: #
  • RIP, legendary rhythm and blues figure Johnny Otis (b. 1921). #
  • Evening sounds: sleeping baby breathing, refrigerator hum, typing. #
  • Next Disquiet Junto, #3 is a live-performance project (recorded live, with processing). Then #4 will return to samples-based. #
  • Excited to have leveled up to Curator status on @freemusicarchiv. I promise to use powers for good not evil (not counting Evol & Live-Evil). #
  • A sinfonietta is an Italian dessert traditionally given to conductors when they receive a standing ovation. #ClassicalFactsWithoutWikipedia #
  • Aphex Twin titled Selected Ambient Works 2 in tribute to Glenn Gould's SAW album coproduced by Les Paul and Yoko Ono. #FactsWithoutWikipedia #
  • Sony stumbled on CD technology while trying to develop a magnetic product to compete with the 3M Post-It Note. #FactsWithoutWikipedia #
  • EAN! EAN! RT @otolythe: !! RT @disquiet IDM stands for "iterative data music." #FactsWithoutWikipedia #EncourageAcronymicNormativity #
  • Oh yeah, that's it. RT @GlennF: @disquiet theremin is a bird that has ability to throw its voice electromagnetically. #FactsWithoutWikipedia #
  • Benjamin Franklin designed his glass armonica in a clandestine attempt to give Marie Antoinette lead poisoning. #FactsWithoutWikipedia #
  • Texas Instruments intern Robert Moog designed the theremin to fight Nazi sonar. #FactsWithoutWikipedia #
  • IDM stands for "iterative data music." #FactsWithoutWikipedia #
  • Pre-noon audiostream: bracing electroacoustic "Mantrasia" by Christopher Jon Honett: #
  • My ballot's not in Pazz & Jop critics' poll. I couldn't get the online tool to work. Anyhow, best-of-2011 list here: #
  • William Bell on the #sopa #pipa protests: "You don't miss your water / 'til the well runs dry." #
  • Congress blocks 'cause a Judge Dredd artist used copyrighted photo reference material. #sopa #pipa #
  • Congress blocks 'cause Geoff Emerick's autobiography says the Beatles hid copyrighted audio using splices. #sopa #pipa #
  • Plus 32 comments. RT @benjamindauer: Woah, my @disquiet Junto submission from just 10 days ago surpassed 300 plays: #
  • Talking with Guillermo Galindo about Remedios Varo, the impact of surrealism, and the sound of dreams: #
  • Man, this is the best thing I have heard this week: http://▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉.▉▉▉/▉▉▉▉ #sopa #pipa #
  • Jan 18 = Instagr/am/bient Track 18 = @ooray's take on @naotko's @instagram used for video reel #
  • Interviewing Guillermo Galindo about the role of sound in dreams. #
  • Tempting. RT @jbutlerjbutler: @gesslr my guess is that Marc will want us to record the sound of a $100 bill burning and make a song from it. #
  • No, but maybe in future. RT @gesslr: [email protected]: Next Junto is B.Franklin tribute. Details TK.”Lightening? Bells? Jangly keys? Stormy wind? #
  • "I imagine a man at the entrance to his cave with a pile of bones he is protecting with a huge club": Remedios Varo's banking mural pitch #
  • Junto #2 got 48 tracks in 4 days. Now 111 members, 63 contributors. Next Junto (TBA Thursday) is a Benjamin Franklin tribute. Details TK. #
  • Flâneur with tape-recordeur. RT @soundscrapers: SF Lunchwalk : Taco Truck (sounds from a stationary walk w/ @disquiet): #
  • Good thing about being public with my affection for the Tuesday noon siren is if I miss it my lunch companion often thinks to point it out. #
  • Honored. RT @xeni: Music from masterful curation of @disquiet & @heartsofspace on frequently, help me get past language, towards serenity. #
  • All Instagr/am/bient tracks now have at least 300 @soundcloud plays; @mapmap's nears 4,000 & @C_Bissonnette's 2,000: #
  • Jan 17 = Instagr/am/bient Track 17 = @stijnhuwels' take on @richardginns' beautiful @instagram: #
  • RIP, Robbie France (b. 1959), perhaps best known as "New Wave of British Heavy Metal" drummer (Diamond Head). #
  • RIP, funk saxophonist Jimmy Castor (b. 1947); widely sampled (Low Profile, Grandmaster Flash, Eric B. and Rakim, etc.). #
  • A 44th entry just popped up, from @gesslr, in Junto. Wonder if any more will in waning hours of Monday. Great showing: #
  • Fog horns are a sustainable resource. RT @otologist: @disquiet Your minions have plundered the fog horn cache. #
  • One irony involving timing: it has been so clear in San Francisco, I haven't heard a single fog horn since the second Junto began. #
  • Still half a day in many territories for the Junto, and there are already 40 duets for fog horn and train whistle: #
  • Morning sounds: the occasional rumble of garbage pails, recently emptied, being returned to their garages. #
  • Jan 16 = Instagr/am/bient Track 16 = Simon Scott's sonic rendition of Smyth's hazy @instagram: #
  • Belated: Jan 15 = Instagr/am/bient Track 15 = Richard Ginns' take on Wooden Walls' storybook @instagram: #
  • Scientists create world's tiniest ear: (via @salvagione) #
  • Reminder: Junto project (fog horn & train whistle duet) due midnight Monday, wherever you are. Currently 32 tracks from as many musicians. #
  • "The train whistle just begs to be technoed" says @stringbot of the Junto source material: #
  • Nice thing about site revise is tag pages show full posts, especially good for Sketches of Sound: #
  • Imagining how the high-school-newspaper-editorial-writing 16-year-old I once was would respond to the SOPA/PIPA travesty. #
  • Perhaps I've yet to unlock a menu, but Group tools on @Soundcloud seem oddly lacking: no alerts on new tracks/discussion; no set creation. #
  • Now 17 Junto duets for fog horn & train whistle, including orchestral-percussive pieces by @robotdancerobot @Le_Berger #
  • It's only been a month and a day since upgrading the site. Feels like half a year. Thanks again to futurepruf dot com. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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