New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Past Week at

    • Six “layering reality” tracks already in the Junto, including one from first-timer @Banabila: #
    • Listening to the Haywire soundtrack will either make your day feel far more dramatic than it is, or illuminate how banal it is. #
    • Nice. Or, truly random: Oaomsr Undeh. RT @Whybray: @disquiet What about an anagram? Human Rodeos? Horseman Duo? #
    • I Bau down to you. RT: @taylordeupree: @disquiet Random Haus. RndmHs. #
    • Sitting in a row. RT @otologist: @disquiet Random Harper Penguins? #
    • Wanted to call my generative publishing company Random House, but apparently it’s already taken. #

  • Beauty of @solrezza‘s is she used Tumblr to “curate” her own work: a “Tumblr album,” a cabinet of personal curiosities. #
  • Thought I was proud my urbanbaby ate seaweed and dried bean curd, but sleeping through that fire engine siren just now really made my week. #
  • Tom Vu installation at Sonoma State: #
  • Junto No. 5 announced: Deadline: Feb 6, 11:59pm wherever you are. Theme: musicality of everyday life. #
  • Oh, the 5th Disquiet Junto project has a new “bonus” level, involving video. No deadline for video, just a post-project idea. #
  • Disquiet Junto Project 0005 goes out in a few minutes. #
  • Pretty varied taste, too. RT @ooray: @disquiet the Anonymous family is quite rich and powerful. I think that everytime I go to the symphony. #
  • The problem with listening to DJ Krush’s greatest hits is I have to update my @ThisIsMyJam profile every five minutes. #
  • When I see a building or exhibit where one of the donors is Anonymous, I like to think that all that hacking has gone to good use. #
  • The OS X 10.7.3 update is almost exactly the same size as the Björk app. #conspiracy #
  • OS X v10.anything is the DC Comics of operating systems. #
  • If you do PR and use a database in which “pop culture” is as granular as it gets, neither you nor the db are doing their job. #
  • This, though, is pretty great: @sfj‘s public in-progress Google Doc of his favorite albums of 2012: #
  • Certainly @sfj jokes when he says “Why is pop music the only art form that still inspires such arrantly stupid discussion?” Right? #
  • One of those days when every sent email feels like it could be the start of a recent Paul Auster novel. #
  • It’s cellist @zoecello‘s birthday. Listen to her “Seven League Boots,” the title likely referring to how layered it is: #
  • I guess this Facebook thing puts the takes-over-whole-issue-of-Juxtapoz thing in context. #
  • Internet brought down after enthusiasm of it being brought back. RT @wcraghead: Over twitter. RT @xyzrkx: Accompanied by a rousing cheer. in reply to wcraghead #
  • With the net back up, library got quieter, as everyone dove into email/etc. RT @xyzrkx: @disquiet hopefully accompanied by a rousing cheer. #
  • “Attention library patrons, the Internet is back up.” #
  • Still thinks IMAP is magical. #
  • Recommended. RT @NodeBeat: NodeBeat for Android now free on Please help us by clicking the ‘like’ button on the page. #
  • Home pages for the first 4 Disquiet Junto projects: #
  • Tab I had open to @techdirt for hours suddenly launched a “rich” ad with Hawaiian music. Had no idea where the sound was coming from. #
  • RIP, artist Dorothea Tanning (b. 1910). Need to dig out Victoria Carruthers’ essay on her, Cage and Stockhausen. (via @freynorris) #
  • Tags are in between. RT @tommoody: movement: designated by participants (via manifestos, etc); genre: designated by outsiders (critics, etc) #
  • News I can use. RT @DETXL: @disquiet Berlin metro puts up signs: “Ein Handy ist kein Lautsprecher!” (Your cell phone is not a loudspeaker!)”#
  • [email protected] rocks, or whatever the ambient equivalent of rocks is, for compiling this Twitter Junto list of his. in reply to nofi #
  • The sign in the bus says “No Radios,” suggesting that MP3 boomboxes are approved, perhaps even encouraged. #
  • RIP, artist and Destroy All Monsters alum Mike Kelley (b. 1954), whose work is in the collection of anyone who owns Sonic Youth’s Dirty. #
  • Next Junto joint TBA in approx 24hrs. Many projects lined up. Sorting order/details. Send your email to be added to list. #
  • now testing comment-spam protection that also filters out individuals without basic math literacy. #
  • What percentage of free-download cover-version MP3s are posted by musicians who complain about piracy? 20%? 50%? More? #
  • For the record, codecpolitics dot com is available. Cc @stringbot #
  • Sound Through Barriers is an exhibit curated by C. Reider at Ft Collins’ Art Lab. Entries call due Feb 6. Info at #
  • Man there is some great stuff going on at the wolf. in Los Angeles. I need to get there in the near future. #
  • Glad to be the 2nd backer of @idontlikewords‘s app-raising campaign. in reply to idontlikewords #
  • Been some time since I’ve had the dishwasher, clothes dryer, & stove fan on simultaneously. It’s like the domestic Gigantour. #
  • Major thanks to @nofi for making a Twitter list of Disquiet Junto participants: #
  • These Disney / Darth Vader billboards seriously look more like prank culture-jam mash-ups than actual advertisements. #
  • RIP, King Stitt (b. 1940), reportedly Jamaica’s oldest living DJ. (via @themusicsover) #
  • I don’t want a cheezburger. I want an un-degraded term for an idea that spreads like a virus and experiences quick evolutionary change. #
  • Noon siren on sunny Tuesday. #
  • No. It would be great if someone would. RT @nofi: Has anyone made a Twitter list of all the @disquiet #junto contributors? #
  • Thanks for this. RT @benjamindauer: Made fresh round of listens/comments on @mapmap remixes for Junto project. #
  • Love it: “pushing forward, never backtracking.” RT @stringbot: short turnaround means always pushing forward and never backtracking. #junto #
  • In just 4 weeks of existence: 188 tracks, 88 contributors, 169 members, 54 discussion entries, numerous comments/plays: #
  • 55 tracks in response to Junto #4 communal remix of new @mapmap album. We may see a few more by 11:59pm but either way an amazing showing. #
  • The covered the Remedios Varo event I assisted on. My reflections on sound/scent/surrealism here: #
  • “voltage made audible”: Gino Robair’s sole instrument this coming Thursday at the Luggage Store in San Francisco. #
  • Seriously thinks, initially, that every “drone” story he comes across is about experimental electronic music. #
  • Bunch of recent comments suddenly ended up trashed, but they’ve been revived. If you see anything missing, lemme know. #
  • About 12 hours left for Disquiet Junto #4 Amazing turnout, at least a dozen new contributors, 48 entries so far: #
  • Woke to the 45th Disquiet Junto entry in Marcus Fischer remix project. Noted that the 43rd is from Fischer himself: #
  • That’s the spirit. RT @stringbot: Bouncing this @disquiet Junto abomination, for better or worse. #
  • Making chili and listening to the Junto remixes of @mapmap, including a surprise entry by Stephen Vitiello: #
  • Already 34 remixes of @mapmap in the Junto, day and a half to go: Bonus: interesting discussion of nature of a remix. #
  • Check out Discussion tab for something along these lines. RT @nofi: Thinking of my remix of @mapmap as more of a reworking or repositioning. #
  • I wrote a short story about the Spanish/Mexican surrealist painter Remedios Varo: #
  • At least six first-time participants in this week’s Junto remix project: #
  • Orchestral. Just listened in car. RT @mapmap: fantastic submission from @TheValiska for the @disquiet junto project: #
  • My (nearly) 17-month-old enjoyed a pork bao, garlic seaweed, and dried bean curd so far today. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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