New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • RIP, Peter Bergman (b. 1939), founding member of Firesign Theater, ingeniously used audio in satiric comedy: #
  • RIP, Moebius (b. Jean Giraud, 1938), comic book artist. #
  • Never checked out the Stones Throw Beat Battle (big influence on Junto)? It’s in its 261st week, and it’s a great one: #
  • Yowza. The Disquiet Junto 1 one track away from its 500th track in 10 weeks: #
  • Dear Hivemind: Is there a AAA version of the AA USB battery that USBCell makes? #
  • Excellent reason to skip a week. RT @arbeemonkey: My new project is takin all my studio time, not sure I’ll submit for the 10th junto. #
  • That premonition of typing on a keyboard becoming an antiquated practice. #
  • Remembering Samuel Johnson’s emphasis on the weighting of words in drama has made me more empathetic toward emoticons. #
  • If an email starts with my name there’s a 80% chance it’s from someone I don’t know; without my name: 80% chance it’s from someone I know. #
  • Best bad-PR email of the week began “Dear [:name],” and second best began “Dear,” — but the week isn’t over yet. #
  • RT @jbutlerjbutler: @disquiet Can we add sounds to our remix? [Yes. Additions are OK unless a specific project says they’re not.] #junto #
  • Sole “new iPad” comment: Was hoping it’d be lighter. But I’m a 90lb weakling. Well, more like 155lbs, but still weakling. #
  • RIP, Jimmy Ellis (b. 1937), lead singer of the Trammps, perhaps best known for “Disco Inferno”: #
  • Nice: @webbedhand + @mystified131 remixed a track by each other for the 10th Junto project: #
  • RT @jbutlerjbutler @disquiet Looking forward to this Junto project…so much material to go through! [Hoping folks go back to a fave track.] #
  • 10th Disquiet Junto project: remix track from previous project. Info in English/French/Spanish/Turkish: #
  • Disquiet Junto project #10 announcement goes out via email and to the Soundcloud group Info page momentarily. #
  • Instructions for the 10th Disquiet Junto, to be announced later today, will be in English, French, Spanish, and Turkish. #
  • RIP, computer-graphics innovator Carl Machover (b. 1927), father of musician & MIT Media Lab figure Tod: #
  • If you volunteered to translate Disquiet Junto instructions into French or Spanish (or another), could you shoot me an email or DM? Thanks. #
  • The end of The Shield is so perfect, it should be watched not just as a lesson in ending a series, but in starting one. #
  • If the word “selected” works then the word “curated” probably doesn’t. #
  • The text equivalent of a stock photo. #
  • Thanks, @swissnexSF, for hosting the game event last night. Krautscape was so beautiful it distracted me during conversations. #
  • Thursday will start the 10th weekly Disquiet Junto. It’ll be an exercise in collective reflection. #
  • Nanomalism. #
  • “Oh, I know: Let’s release our new album to coincide with SXSW.” #
  • Was on phone with @operafella yesterday when Tuesday noon siren rang. Held phone out window so he could enjoy. #
  • Someone please explain to me that I should be more excited by @sfsymphony‘s 2012-13 modern works than I am #
  • says $480 to close block so I can tape wind chime, or $150 for block party, which defeats purpose (via @markrushtoncom) #
  • Wondering how much it would cost to have the police block off my block for a few hours so I could get a good tape of this wind chime. #
  • In which I thank ( the thoughtful @otolythe for this @hilobrow interview: #
  • Glad my neighbor across the street has a wind chime. I like it more than if I had a wind chime. Distance makes the ear fonder. #
  • Great interview with my friend Charles Hatfield about academia, comics, and his new book (Hand of Fire) on Jack Kirby: #
  • 71 tracks this week. RT @benjamindauer: It’s Tuesday: time to visit the @SoundCloud Junto page & begin a fresh round of listening/comments. #
  • RIP, songwriter Robert B. Sherman (b. 1925), whose work in the splendid “Theme Park Songs” Wikipedia category includes “It’s a Small World.” #
  • Silence is seductive according to this sign at the SF Zoo. #415 #design #
  • Today in “Fun with Doppler Shift”: sound of crying child riding carousel in San Francisco Zoo heard from outside the building #
  • Yow. The @soundcloud podcast that covers Junto & Instagr/am/bient is 200 listens shy of 10,000: #
  • 63 avian/guitar hybrids in Junto #9 project. With a little less 1/2 a day to go, an uptick in slide-guitar entries: #
  • Definitely. I’m fine-tuning some ideas. RT @hecanjog: @disquiet any plans for a Junto that doesn’t require use of electronics? (beyond mics) #
  • Pediatrician’s office is like 40-Part Motet, but with crying babies behind doors, rather than singers emanating from speakers. #
  • The fog horns seem to have a little more pep this evening. #
  • With more than a full day to go, already 51 guitar/birdsong pieces in the 9th Junto project: #
  • Walked to my bookshelf and found my beloved The Star Wars Portfolio by Ralph McQuarrie (b. 1929). He died yesterday. (via @robotdancerobot) #
  • Cross-species avian/guitar collaboration by @iamseams, who produced that great @soundcloud #junto podcast: #
  • The room is electrical. It says so right on the door. #415 #richmonddistrict #
  • RIP, Robert R. McElroy (b. 1928), whose photographs documented the art Happenings of the 1950s and ’60s: #
  • The @soundcloud podcast by @iamseams about the Junto & Instagr/am/bient projects is nearing 8,000 listens in three days. #
  • Note to @otolythe: the musician @markrushtoncom, who bowed out of the Junto to reflect on what he’d absorbed the first month, is back for #9 #
  • Junto folk: freesound-dot-org is back online, but please use the links from the group’s info page for the source audio: #
  • The #netlabel list maintained by @dpnem is due for an update: He’s looking for additions, if you see anything missing. #
  • Guess I meant “wordular” not “text/ural.” RT @alien_artifex: @disquiet every line of melody is ‘text’, too, even without words! 8-/ #
  • Do the characters on Fringe have multiple versions of @SoundHound on their phones, or is there a single multiverse database? #
  • Zagat must add a number to its rating system: DPC. That’s the average number of “devices per customer.” This cafe is 2.8. #
  • Cover versions are so persistent in cafes, they are producing an alternate-universe history of pop music. #
  • John Cage work at Crown Point Press in San Francisco. #415 #
  • Already 23 duets for acoustic guitar and bird song in this week’s Disquiet Junto: #
  • I always think Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” is a lost track from Moby’s Play. #
  • “If you’re not interested in the text, play an instrument”: soprano Patricia Racette in today’s @metopera quiz. #
  • Title of the day: Director of Supernumeraries. The one from the @metopera is talking during the break in the Aida broadcast. #
  • The @metopera play-by-play is a riot. Audience is giving standing o at intermission. Ovation inflation a symptom of our time. #
  • Listening to @metopera on KDFC 90.3FM in San Francisco. Apparently my buddy @operafella is part of the Opera Quiz today. #
  • Disquiet Junto update: 3 ways to download source audio for Project #9 (while freesound-dot-org is inconveniently down): #
  • Disquiet Junto update: 3 ways to download source audio for Project 0009 (while freesound-dot-org is inconveniently down). #
  • Junto-samples update: freesound-dot-org still is down but I should have a working link to the 4 samples by 11am PST today. #
  • Attention: Junto folk. The freesound-dot-org site is down. If anyone has the 4 samples available to share, please let me know. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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