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  • Nothing says “punk rock” like a $22 bottle of wine. #
  • Instagr/am/bient ended my dislike of Instagram. Instagram has apparently ended my dislike of symmetry: #
  • Exterior speaker at Listening Gallery on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. #
  • “Song For Sleep”by J Butler is my new jam. ♫ #
  • Disquiet Junto project 11 has been posted at This week: record an everyday mechanical rhythm and make something of it. #
  • I look at Comcast’s DVR remote and think, The person who designed this went home to his/her wife/husband/cat and said, “I really nailed it.” #
  • Glad to be of assistance. RT @dianakimball: @disquiet I just played “junto” in a game of Scrabble vs. @sferik. A word I know thanks to you! #
  • Having worked in manga for a half decade, I’m pleased to that this week’s Junto assignment will include a Japanese translation (by @naotko). #
  • RT @naotko: #soundcloud @disquiet グループの週代わりのお題を日本語に翻訳しています。サウンドデザインに興味のある方はふるってご参加ください。日本語での質問、お問い合わせはつなぎますのでお気軽にリプライください。 #junto11th#
  • Artifact. #software #
  • The podcast about Disquiet Junto & Instagr/am/bient is 50 listens shy of 13,000 (in just 13 days). #
  • Disquiet Junto volunteer translators just got the next project so they can translate the text. If you’re up to help translate, let me know. #
  • RIP, Haitian vodou drummer Frisner Augustin (b. 1948). #
  • Miami TV geography: residences = Dexter, freeways = CSI, pedestrian malls = Burn Notice. The waterways are filmic, Miami Vice specifically. #
  • Talk about horse power, the Kawasaki motorcycle idling next to us sounds like the Lone Ranger theme. #
  • 1937 short wave receiver from the Wolfsonian. #miamibeach #
  • Entry sticker from the Wolfsonian. #miamibeach #
  • For the record, I love the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach. #
  • Constraint breeds constraint. @hecanjog: I ended up using a self-imposed restraint: oldest track w/ least comments & plays I could find! #
  • Plans are coming together for a live Disquiet Junto show in Chicago on April 19. #
  • The death rattle of dry palm fronds. #561 #
  • The names of nature preserves in Florida sound like William Faulkner theme parks. #
  • My kid was overtired after the flight. I sang a lullaby so slow, my heartbeat interrupted held notes like LP dust cycling under a needle. #
  • Wonderful to see folk commenting on @otolythe‘s interview with me about Disquiet sound/music projects: (see bottom) #
  • Anything sound-art-ish going on in galleries in/near Miami right now? Looks like I’m going to be there much of the coming week. #
  • Great comment by @GuyBirkin regarding Junto 10 and the irony of “overchoice” in a system dedicated to “constraint”: #

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