Duet or Duel, or Both (MP3)

Two Chicago electronic musicians together live

Nicholas Davis has posted a live recording of him improvising with Natalie Chami. The track evidences a blend of styles, a mix of two approaches. Perhaps each of these two aural modes exemplifies distinctions between their individual styles, or perhaps the coalesced but varied sound is the result of a collaboratively determined intent. In either way, it is rousing, especially midway through when a mix of choral effects and strained beeping suggests someone backing a truck into heaven, or toward the end when a seesawing suggests the slow roil ocean surface.

Chami, who performs as TALsounds, is on”Grendel Drone Commander, Synthesizers, Vocals, Live hardware processing” and Davis (aka Passerby) is on “Various electro-acoustic instruments, Vocals, 4093 Quad Oscillator, CB transceiver, Live hardware processing.” Track originally posted at Davis’ soundcloud.com/passerby account; more on him at sonicsentiments.wordpress.com. More on Chami/TALsounds at soundcloud.com/talsounds and talsounds.com.

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