IoNiZeR Previews Forthcoming Album (MP3)

"The shape of things to come"

A new IoNiZeR track is always a welcome thing. The Belgium-based producer actively recalls the more dramatic episodes in the early Ninja Tune catalog, work like that of Amon Tobin and Funki Porcini, and from them spins new yarns. If so-called IDM took the sounds of dance music and warped them into something more headphone-oriented, then IoNiZeR takes production touches from industrial, techno, and even aspects of drum’n’bass and house and renders from them something just short of pure atmosphere. The beat on “4th Dimension” is so slowly paced, it’s almost there simply to remind the listener, on occasion, that indeed this is a song. Sampled dialog and spacious breaks further the impression that this is less a song and more a forgotten episode of The Outer Limits leaking through from your neighbor’s living room. One phrase in particular, “The shape of things to come,” encodes a practical message, in that the song is intended as a teaser for an album due out later this year.

Track originally posted at Previous Disquiet coverage of IoNiZeR includes the New Global Disorder and Infused Fear albums.

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