Mahoney & Peck Live (MP3)

Pixel percussion from the Ethereal Live label

Mindshed by Mahoney & Peck on the Ethereal Live netlabel may be live but it is more than ethereal. There is blippy 8bit maneuvering (“The Divine Dark”) that yields broken beats, and Muslimgauze-style modal exploration (“Ghost Transmission”), as well as gaseous meandering (“Interstellar Murmur”). One highlight is a track, “The Pale Blue Dot” (MP3), with pixel percussion, these fissures that seem more like absences, sudden rhythmic moments of digital clarity that lend momentum to a cloud of synthesized dust. The collection comes from three different live performances: from broadcasts on the websites and, and from “City Skies 2011 sets in Atlanta, Georgia.”

[audio:|titles=”The Pale Blue Dot”|artists=Mahoney & Peck]

Get the full set at and at Mahoney & Peck are Mark Mahoney and Michael Peck.

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