Music of/from/for/with Turntables (MP3)

Achim Mohné (minimalist) and Philip Jeck (maximalist) and their wheels of steel

The first half of the hour is Achim Mohné on a trio of turntables (Omnitronics), and the second is Philip Jeck on a pair (Dansettes, we’re informed) and in place of a third, Jeck employs a sampler. Both musicians take a device intended to project, to reproduce, sound and then they explore the device’s unintended sonic mechanisms and consequences. In Mohné capable hands, this means a revelatory series of details born of the tight circling patterns of a record needle caught in a groove, of the turntable’s aged gears moving in place; it’s a fantasia that erupts from the sleep induced by the cycling’s monotony. Jeck, with his sampler, layers his source material for a rousing, seesawing haze (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Live on TouchRadio”|artists=Achim Mohné and Philip Jeck]

The set was recorded by Philip Marshall (“from desk to hard drive”). Track originally posted at More on Mohné at, and on Jeck at Photo above by credited to Mike Harding and Philip Marshall.

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