Patch & Static: The Top 10 Posts & Searches of April 2012

Among the top 10 most popular posts of the past month, April 2012, were (1) an interview with Morton Subotnick (“The Patch Cord Godfather”) and (2) the announcement of a live Disquiet Junto concert in Chicago on April 19.

Five of the 10 most popular posts were drawn from the daily recommended free downloads: (3) thoughts on hotel bedside radio (“The ‘Classical’ Button”x), (4) a sound collage by Jane Burton and Doris Lake (together working under the moniker Public Domain), (5) Carl Ritger (aka Radere) working with a tape-based four-track recorder, (6) the static-based work of C. Cu, and (7) a preview track from the forthcoming IoNiZeR album.

Also in the top 10, not (8) one but (9) two weekly automated collections of what is posted at, and (10) the top-10 list from March 2012.

The most popular searches on the site during the month of April were: junto, salvagione, weidenbaum, mallet, would-be messiahs, autobiography, automaton, bitlabrecords, modular, Peter 7 Paelinck, rjdj, subotnik, Vitiello, ableton, amirkhanian, autechre, bars, cacophony, friends.

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