Disquiet Junto: Live in Chicago (April 19)

Music for expanded glass harmonica, and other work

Update: There’s now a post-concert post with audio and video: “Disquiet Junto / Live in Chicago (MP3).”

The Disquiet Junto Group on SoundCloud each week employs procedural restraint as a springboard for compositional creativity. Over 150 musicians around the world have participated. At this concert, Chicago-area Junto participants will each perform a piece of “expanded glass harmonica,” and additional original work.

When: Thursday, April 19

Where: Enemy Sound 1550 North Milwaukee Ave., 3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60622

Tickets: Donation requested Door: 8:00pm Concert: 9:00pm

(For those not able to attend, the event will stream live at numbers.fm.)

Who’s Playing:

Ӣ Aroon Karuna / Vapor Lanes soundcloud.com/vaporlanes

Ӣ Erik Schoster hecanjog.com

Ӣ Jason Shanley / Cinchel cinchel.com

Ӣ Jason Soliday jsoliday.com

Ӣ Jeff Kolar jeffkolar.us

Ӣ Jon Monteverde / XYZR_KX jonmonteverde.com

Ӣ Joshua Davison / Stringbot stringbot.com

Plus possible guests

More info at:


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Above images drawn from the third Disquiet Junto project.

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