Live Test (MP3)

Nils Quak tests his performance set up

Nils Quak is playing a show in Hamburg, Germany, on June 1. In advance of the event, he is prepping his live rig. We know this because he has posted an extended test run of his rig. It’s an attenuated sliver of ethereal momentum, aptly titled “Live Test.” The music is quite lovely. It’s also an interesting application of the term “live.” The rig could easily have been given a test run and been judged in the moment. Or been given a test run, which was recorded, and then listened to by Quak for confirmation. But instead he’s gone the step further, which is to share the performance. As with Dave Seidel’s live performance post back in October, there’s something going on here that feels like a peek ahead, something about how acknowledgement of a dispersed Internet-based audience is part of the conceptualization of a local event.

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