The Sonic Image

What the sound looks like / what the look sounds like

The site collects sounds as images: tracks of audio that are, quite simply, opened in an unexpected and unintended computer program. A source file encoded so as to be heard is instead transferred through that which is meant to be seen. Up top, for example, is the resulting visualization of a track by Nine Inch Nails, “Pinion.” The Tumblr appears to be a sibling site to the account, where the latest track appears to take the opposite course (this is all based on interpreting a page originally in Spanish and itself computer-rendered in a different language, in this case English, courtesy of Google’s Translate service). The track appears to be the sound of an image. What image, I can’t say for sure. Perhaps someone else can be of assistance. The result, nonetheless, is striated noise. In the mind’s eye, it’s the fuzz of a dead channel. I wonder what the channel would show if it were properly dialed in.

More (in Spanish) about the move from sound to image to sound at More on null66913 at and

2 thoughts on “The Sonic Image

  1. I’m the one who wrote the post at and is my web, so I can be of assistance :)

    All images in are generated saving the original sound file (mp3, aiff, wav or whatever) as raw and then opening the raw file in a image editing software.

    The track is a screen capture (jpg or png, I don’t remember) of mediateletipos home page saved as raw in Photoshop and then opened in Audacity.

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