New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Past Week at

  • Spending the day just me and my 20-month-old. Will be wandering around @artmrkt, among other places. #
  • Four more now: @nodebeat + (1) keyboard, (2) Moog Slim Phatty, (3) drone pad, and (4) piano: #
  • My one regret about my Macbook Air is I shoulda gone with the larger harddrive. Didn’t realize at the time it’d become my core computer. #
  • All in all, I got a brick in the mail from @primusluta. #
  • The first three @NodeBeat Disquiet Junto pieces pair the mobile sound app with a ukulele, a guzheng, and a sitar: #
  • You’re a dreamer. RT @mmaddencomics: “There’s some very thoughtful dubstep behind this blog”; “Wiley revitalizes curating on his new single” #
  • 1st @NodeBeat track in latest Disquiet Junto project is up, courtesy of @ethanhein + his processed ukulele #
  • “It’s refreshing to hear a curate track that doesn’t have a drop.” “They’re hiring someone to dubstep a blog of found objects.” #
  • Perfect. RT @primusluta: Headed out to this gallery my friend dubstepped. Hopefully there’ll be wine and good headnoding curation. #
  • “That new Burial remix is true curate.” “I’m dubstepping 18th-century leather wallets on my Tumblr.” #
  • The words “dubstep” and “curate” are so overused, we should just use them interchangeably. #
  • Not a speaker. (Bathroom fan.) #
  • Blade Runner 2: The Batty Rises #bladerunner2titles #
  • Instructions for current Disquiet Junto, involving the great @NodeBeat app, available in English, Spanish, and Turkish: #
  • Discussion about best way to record from sound apps, including @nodebeat: #
  • Blade Runner 2: You Don’t Know Dick #bladerunner2titles #
  • Blade Runner 2: No You Replicant #bladerunner2titles #
  • The 20th weekly Disquiet Junto project instructions are now live: #
  • Instructions for the 20th Disquiet Junto, which employs the @NodeBeat app, going out shortly. Email list is at #
  • Belated (my kid’s on spring break from daycare) RIP: disco’s Donna Summer (b. 1948), go-go’s Chuck Brown (b. 1936). #
  • Instructions will be out shortly but in meanwhile Disquiet Junto regulars test-drive @nodebeat: #
  • Few more hours until instructions to 20th weekly Disquiet Junto project go out. This week: creative restraints of a mobile app (@nodebeat). #
  • Reminder: I have free download codes for @NodeBeat iOS app, the focus of the 20th Disquiet Junto project, due for announcement later today. #
  • I miss #
  • Sent an email out earlier to the Disquiet Junto email list. I mention this since they often end up in spam folders. #
  • Paging @robsheff @mrgavinedwards @tedfriedman @juliandibbell: Cutler’s is closing: #
  • Great moments in education. RT @xeni: YOU GUYS. Go-Go is not the Go-Gos. Go-Go is not go-go dancing. Go-Go is, was, DC, Chuck Brown … #
  • NodeBeat: free in Flash; under 4 bucks otherwise. I have 50 free iOS codes (half iPhone/Touch, half iPad). Will go first to Junto regulars. #
  • The 20th Disquiet Junto will employ the app NodeBeat, available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and (with limited functionality) Flash. #
  • Gonna announce the app that the 20th Junto is based on early, so that folks can have time to come up to speed on it, or at least install it. #
  • 20th Disquiet Junto is about mobile apps. … Forthcoming projects: animation, storytelling, electricity, water, performance, the blues. #
  • RIP, Bruno Mauro, of Ampersand International Arts, the fine San Francisco art gallery. Via #
  • Seriously can’t believe we’re about to do the 20th (!) weekly Disquiet Junto project. Just amazing: 849 tracks by 190 musicians in 19 weeks. #
  • Disquiet Junto 20 project going out to translators shortly. Have: Czech/Turkish/Japanese/Spanish/French. Want: Korean, Chinese, others. #
  • I know it’s 2012 and all, but there’s still a certain frisson to receiving raw code in body of an email as part of a reply to a job opening. #
  • Fundamentals of Respiratory Care and Zombies. #
  • Steve Jobs bust addendum: Collector only spoke Chinese. Someone at restaurant helped me explain the hobby shop across the street has glue. #
  • Guy at lunch had box on table. When bill came he accidentally pushed it off the table. Opened it to reveal broken porcelain Steve Jobs bust. #
  • Guy in cafe did not have a holster. It was an empty Baby Bjorn under his windbreaker. #
  • My browser has so many favicon-emblazoned tabs open, it looks like I’ve installed the Nascar extension. #
  • RT @cinchel: @disquiet ooh..glad there is an Android app. [This is the first app-based Disquiet Junto. I wanted it catholic/cross-platform.] #
  • RT @gregsurges: @disquiet What app is it? [I’m going to wait until later tonight or tomorrow to announce the app.] #
  • Disquiet Junto 20 launches mañana. I have 25 free iPhone/Touch & 25 free iPad codes. Android app costs $2. Limited desktop version is free. #
  • Scent-infused Vessels from Paolo Salvagione’s current Headlands exhibit. #
  • Hoping robots gain sentience soon so they can demand that USB-host support for all gadgets is a right not a privilege. #
  • In OS X, the menubar for “mute” is speaker w/o image of sound coming out, but the screen image is of speaker with slash through it. Discuss. #
  • Interested in this gang-written book (including @ibogost) on “the way computer programs exist in culture”: #
  • Great interview this morning with Monolake. Much to reflect on: installations, recording, software, art, teaching, 3D, business, programming #
  • Humor of being on email list for org famed for new-media tech, yet it’s the same old everyone-requesting-unsubscription pileup. #
  • Successfully guessed someone’s cafe location based on music they’d tweeted. #geoshazam #
  • Increasingly enthused for next Disquiet Junto project. It’s the 20th week in a row, and the first to focus on a mobile app. #
  • Indeedy. RT @cinchel: i know @disquiet was excited about Disquiet0013-wildup but the interpretations of photo are great #
  • Suspicious about uptick in emails from SoundCloud users. Probably just passed a “followers threshold” but wondering about automation/PR. #
  • Tuesday noon siren while listening to conference-call hold music. #
  • Interviewing Monolake tomorrow. If you have questions lemme know. My previous interview (c. 2004) here: #
  • This London-based crew the Grind remind me favorably of Tommy Guerrero in his home-studio tinkerer mode. #
  • Museum in Tasmania provides visitors with iPod Touch containing exhibit-specific music: #
  • This Thursday’s Disquiet Junto project will be No. 20. The theme is everyone employing (roughly) the same software application. #
  • About half a day left in the 19th Disquiet Junto. So far, 24 tremendous interpretations of a photo as a graphic score: #
  • Can’t wait to hear. RT @arbeemonkey: finally found the twist I want to use for this week’ Junto. Will try to execute my idea before deadline #
  • Mallets, pipes, and shadows at kids’ sound sculptures at Dolores Park. #
  • Xylophone for kids at Dolores Park. #415 #
  • RIP, Donald “Duck” Dunn (b. 1941), bassist in Booker T and the MGs, and on countless Stax sessions. #
  • It appears that @orenambarchi has joined Twitter. #
  • Photography-as-score: Already 13 Junto musical interpretations (at of Yojiro Imasaka’s photo (at #
  • Repeat tweet: Graphic notation background for folks in current Disquiet Junto #
  • Not a speaker. (First in a likely series.) #
  • Serious sound-art opening with fish-fry contact-mic performance tonight @Parklifesf #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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