Non-Industrial Industrial Music (MP3)

Exploring industrial space rather than industrial music's self-imposed confines

BpOlar is Dirk Driesen, based out of Antwerp, Belgium. His track “NUmber bEta 9” is industrial music, based not out of the consensually self-imposed genre cues of heavy beats, overt lyric nihilism, and the failed sublimation of chaotic impulse, but out of a simple desire to explore industrial space. As he writes in his brief liner note: “I try to sonically paint an evocation of the inherent beauty of old abandon factories, wastelands with scattered rusted metal & some tibetan monks trying, through chanting, to make some sense of it all … an industrial drone with a meditation twist.” The music is, indeed, far more an exploration than an exhortation, and true to Driesen’s expressed intent, while it might explore dust and decay, the impression is implicitly more meditative than ruminative, and more ruminative than despondent. Track originally posted for free download at More on BpOlar/Driesen at

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