Non-Experimental Experimental Music (MP3)

A beat that explores the iPad app DM-1

Some of the most enjoyable work on SoundCloud is of the experimental variety, but that’s not necessarily “experimental” as in “noises that push the limits of a listener’s comprehension of music.” It’s often simply experimental in the sense of an experiment on the part of the musician: trying something new, whether that be a new piece of music, a new instrument, or a new approach, or perhaps all at the same tine. Take “Ex the Extrax” by freesoulsound, aka Gerren Grant. The piece is a straightforward but thoroughly engaging bit of bippy downtempo rhythmic play. Part of its pleasure is its lack of intended utility — it isn’t the backing track to a vocal cut; it’s simply a rhythm beating like a sonar, exploring the user-interface caverns of a new piece of software.

Track originally posted for free download at More on the DM-1 at

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