Tensile Free Improvisation (MP3)

Bass, drums, violin – and vapor

The trio of Mathieu Werchowski (violin), Fabien Duscombs (drums), and Heddy Boubaker (electric bass) don’t have a prominent digital presence between them, except perhaps for some unannotated processing, but the result of their music — a tensile free improvisation — will appeal to electronically informed ears. For the first half of this live performance recording, there is little in the way of a beat; instead there are three semi-distinct sounds moving slowly around each other in the voluminous haze of the instruments’ collective sonic vapor trail. In time, these contrasting rhythmic impulses coalesce, eventually building to something meaty and insistent. That drive, which rocks fairly hard, can be difficult to trace back to where it came from. The pleasure in the track is listening, again, and witnessing the fragile sounds accumulate and consolidate.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/hbbk. Also available are the first and third parts of the performance. Audio recorded and mastered by Mathieu Werchowski.

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