New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • RIP, soprano Evelyn Lear (b. 1926), acclaimed interpreter of Alban Berg: #
  • Bonus: along with being newly mobile/tablet-responsive, comments will be a whole lot tidier. Likely live this weekend. #
  • Blogger’s Remorse: Is a separate topic-specific @tumblr necessary, or should it just be a tag on your existing site? #
  • Super close to mobile/tablet-optimized (Main site looks the same. Changes are all about device-based responsiveness.) #
  • New @tumblr I’ve got going, collecting links re: the “Sounds of Brands / Brands of Sounds” class I’m teaching: #
  • Filed article with British magazine on the Fourth of July. Felt vaguely traitorous. #
  • The 27th Disquiet Junto project instructions have gone to the email list + are live at the @soundcloud page #
  • Lesson from last night about fireworks and perception: loudness doesn’t equal proximity; detail equals proximity. #
  • Indeed. LED fireworks: world’s first reusable. RT @ioflow: @disquiet nah, LED fireworks are The New Thing. #
  • Outboard-brain side-project related to “Sounds of Brands / Brands of Sounds” class I’m teaching: #
  • These new CFL fireworks are cool, but I miss the incandescent ones. #
  • The music to the new Spider-Man makes Prometheus seem subtle. That said, the use of voices in the score is interesting, if not enjoyable. #
  • Fascinating site about cicada songs, the transnational anthem of electronic music: #
  • Great interview (and splendidly shot) with Steve Reich on influences on his work: #
  • The 27th weekly @djunto project will be about interpreting a text file as sound. #
  • Looking at Fireworks (Waveforms): #
  • Chinese Red Glare & Blare: #
  • The Music of Fireworks: #
  • The mixture of enthusiasm and solitude that is the July 3 firework. #
  • History of my listening goes from what’s my favorite song to what’s my favorite album to what’s my favorite appliance. NP: washing machine. #
  • Looking forward to moderating panel discussion on “Alternative Musical Interfaces” @gaffta on 9/19 (7pm): #
  • 48 minutes of music made by 15 musicians in 4 days from samples of trash: #
  • Tuesday noon siren peculiarly loud on a bright, clear-sky day. #
  • “‘Spider-Man’ feels like one of those unnecessary software versions, more Spider-Man 1.5” says Manohla Dargis. I agree, and I dug 500 Days. #
  • If my tweets are especially off later today, it may be because I saw the midnight Spider-man. #
  • Eight musicians now confirmed for the August 19 Disquiet Junto concert in Denver. #
  • More details on the class I’m teaching this autumn at @academy_of_art: #
  • Sound-art PTSD. MT @qDot: After living between stacks of cardboard boxes while moving, gonna take a while to appreciate Zimoun again. #
  • 1/2 hour of music by 10 musicians made of sounds sampled from items found in their garbage (and one trip to the dump): #
  • Glad the netlabel is back. Two tracks posted last month, the first since November. #
  • Briefly concerned when I saw unfamiliar icon in one of my backup programs. Then realized what the icon meant: done uploading. #
  • Excuse me, it’s with Christof Migone. #mars #soundart #bradbury #
  • My interview with sound artist Christoph Migone about listening to Ray Bradbury’s Mars: #
  • Looking like December 6 for the San Francisco Disquiet Junto concert. #
  • Not a speaker. (Older variation on sidewalk grate.) #
  • Not a speaker. (Sidewalk grate.) #
  • I love when Facebook reminds me of a netlabel’s birthday because of how the account was set up. (“Record labels are people.”) #
  • Pretty impressive that Transformers 3 couldn’t get three sentences in without a grammatical error in the narration. #
  • For @djunto #26 stijnh shot his garbage mid-sample: #
  • Mostly for @artofplanning: Has Shepard Fairey done anything that looks less like he’s done it? Rolling Stones logo: #
  • Guy next to me at café is like the Keith Jarrett of writers. He’s read out loud quietly as he typed on his laptop all day. #
  • Now 7 musicians confirmed for the Disquiet Junto (@djunto) show in Denver on August 19. Almost certainly more to come. #
  • Waiting for Google++ #
  • Inlet went extra mile for current @djunto sonic recycling project, sampling sounds of local dump: #
  • Concert is 8/19 in Denver. MT @vuzhmusic: Confirmed @djunto lineup so far: @c_yantis @mysterybear @falsereactions @tenandtracer and yrs trly #
  • For one day only 4’33” will be 4’34” ( #
  • Looks like the mobile/tablet-optimized should be live pretty soon. Clean, size-responsive formatting. #
  • Found Yegorova’s Artemiev book behind Marclay’s Shuffle box and between books by Cardiff and Kurzweil. I need to diversify my diet. #
  • Afternoon listening: the “Train” track from Artemiev’s score to Tarkovsky’s Stalker: #dyer #zona #
  • Initial thoughts about Geoff Dyer’s engrossing book about Andrei Tarkovsky’s movie Stalker: #
  • Remains convinced that Stalker will be remade with Jason Statham in the lead role. #
  • Best thing about 3rd book in Mira Grant’s great trilogy of zombie novels is moral parallel it draws between zombies & clones. #
  • Geoff Emerick’s memoir about recording the Beatles in the 1960s is unintentionally the best book about how manga is made today. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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