Reducing the Buddha

C. Reider puts his machines through the machine.

C. Reider has posted a two-track set of Buddha Machine reworkings, which he has titled Buddha Reduction. The music results from putting the machine’s now familiar loops of sedate ebbs and flows through a sequence of recursive sonic processings. What is left is splendidly similar to mininal techno, a dank, atmospheric effect resulting from echoed percussion and hazy pattern fields. Reider explains a bit about how the work came together:

“Buddha Reduction” was composed using a process I have been calling “reduction” in which a source sound is subjected to a series of repeated noise reductions using a type of processing that uses a sound sample selected by the user to reduce unwanted noise. The source sounds for this particular release were taken from the Buddha Machine and the Buddha Machine 2 from FM3.

I have used this same reduction process in the past, most recently for one of the Disquiet Junto challenges on soundcloud: “Bottle Reduction”. Before that, the process was used to “remove the drone from the drone” in a recording titled “Inconstant”.

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