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  • Halfway through Scalzi’s Redshirts, I pull up Netflix and find the complete Star Trek animated series is streaming. #
  • I don’t live there anymore, but someone’s staring a new comic store in my hometown: Cc @escapepodcomics #
  • If memory serves it was in Feb (aka V-day) issue. MT @mmaddencomics: Via @jccabel, rare collaboration between me n wife #
  • RIP, Norman Sas (b. 1925), inventor of electric football, progenitor of video games: #
  • Thanks @dpnem for inspiring this week’s Disquiet Junto project. Details just went to the email list & are available at #
  • Details on 28th (!) weekly Disquiet Junto go out shortly. Themes: #netlabel #remix #creativecommons (Apologies for the delay.) #
  • Woo hoo! That USB light item I chipped in on at @kickstarter made its goal. In three days, at that: #
  • Has no memory of the first Total Recall being particularly good. #
  • It was, indeed, nice to wake to my Dropbox account having doubled in size. #
  • Apparently one benefit of playing a harp in a waiting room is the ability to take bathroom breaks without fear of someone stealing it. #
  • Be safe, comrade. MT @DETXL: When I put my bike helmet to my ear I can hear the ocean! And an eerie whisper that portends manner of my death #
  • A bit more on the “alternative musical interfaces” panel I’ll moderate @gaffta on Sept 19: #
  • Mobile/tablet-responsive now live. If you have a chance, give it a go. I’ll post an overview in the next day or so. #
  • Missed the noon siren today in San Francisco, but enjoying the 5pm digital carillon at Sonoma State. #
  • It’s about time. MT @stephentotilo: Going forward, Kotaku writers will pen the majority of the gaming reviews in the @nytimes Arts section. #
  • The Internet has been a whole lot less eerie since I installed Do Not Track Plus in Chrome. #
  • Whatever you’re listening to on your Mac, the second you start taking screenshots it automatically becomes Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film.” #
  • I’d like to see a sonic version of this, by the way: Or hear it, that is. #
  • Just @kickstarter‘d this USB light ping, per @pheezy‘s tip. It’s USB version of the in-glasses thing I hoped for 2 weeks ago. #
  • The DC Comics email list appears to have sent out news of a Singin’ in the Rain 60th anniversary event. Corporate synergy. #
  • RIP, British saxophonist Lol Coxhill (b. 1932): #
  • Received email spam from the account of a friend who died a year ago. #
  • Keeping on its own. Durex/Spotify playlists seem off’s charter. Will re-blog key items. #
  • Mobile/tablet-friendly responsive version of is now in effect. There are some kinks to work out, but it’s pretty close. #
  • My 22-month-old counting: “1, 2, 3, 7, 1, 1.” It’s the Toddler Conet Project. #
  • At the Crocker seeing the Mel Ramos exhibit for the first time since Sactown Magazine published my lengthy interview. #
  • Was the third Transformers film an investment in making the first two look good by comparison? #
  • Excited to see how our epic Autechre discussion group looks when new comment template kicks in this weekend:… #
  • 13 tracks so far in the 27th Disquiet Junto project (text -> sound), 2 of them from 1st-timers: #
  • Was listening to new @vuzhmusic EP. Stopped listening, but it seemed to keep playing. Sound was washing machine several walls/rooms away. #

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