When the Undercurrent Is the Current (MP3)

A tone narrative from Wales

Another fine piece from Savaran, aka Mark Walters of Wales, whose work has been featured here in the past (a Delphic drone back in 2011, and an experiment with the Animoog app more recently). The new track, “Mithraeum,” is a filmic bit of synthesized mood, a tone narrative with a pulsing rhythm, shaft-of-light fissures, and a swelling undercurrent that reveals itself, slowly, as the full substance of the work — it’s undercurrent as current, a piece in which the full extent of it never edges beyond the level of suggestion, like a shadow play minus any sharp edges that might actually distinguish the figures let alone render them recognizable.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/savaran. More on Savaran/Walters at savaranmusic.wordpress.com, soundcloud.com/savaran, and twitter.com/savaran_music.

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