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  • Cloven hoof day, down on the goat farm with my 23-month-old. #
  • Track the progress of the @yokoono-themed 31st Disquiet Junto project: #
  • 31st weekly @djunto project is based on incendiary 1955 Fluxus work by @yokoono. Instructions at + #
  • Oddly, the "most popular posts" menu item in my @wordpress dashboard has disappeared, so I may not be posting that info today. #
  • The next @djunto project, the 31st weekly, is inspired by a Fluxus work by @yokoono. Details Thursday afternoon Pacific time. #
  • Numerical mirroring of Chris Marker's life seems fitting for director of La jetée: born 29 July 1921; deceased 30 July 2012. #
  • RIP, Bill Doss (b. 1968?), of the Elephant 6 and Olivia Tremor Control. #
  • Thumper thumper. MT @qDot: Got a Zoom H4N recorder. @subgirl's 1st recording target: bunny snores. The wait for @disquiet snore junto begins #
  • Man, I could have used a doula's assistance to get that doll out of a box for my 22-month-old. #
  • Wanna fall for KSR's 2312 but references early on to movies & to cloud data have me longing for Mieville's murkily defined neologisms. #
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco, way up on Webster after doctor visit. #
  • Thanks, @SoundCloud, for blocking the guy who's been following/unfollowing/following hundreds if not thousands of accounts. #
  • And with a piece by @dizzybanjo there are 20 pieces in the "sounds from silence" Disquiet Junto project: #
  • The two best labs on television are run by Walters. #
  • Impure thoughts about wool. #
  • artisanal dystopia #

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