Disquiet Junto at At Water’s Edge (MP3)

The stillstream.com radio show focused on the recent John Cage project.

Rebekkah Hilgraves hosts the weekly “At Water’s Edge” show on the ambient Internet radio station stillstream.com, and its August 4 episode focused on the 30th Disquiet Junto project. In her studio was Junto member and participant Joe McMahon, who did a great job explaining not only the hows and whys of the Disquiet Junto, but also the specifics of his particular entry in the 30th project (MP3). In the process, Hilgraves played about two hours of tracks from the 30th project, which was an exploration of themes of sounds within perceived silence, in honor of John Cage, who would have turned 100 this year.

[audio:http://media.blubrry.com/atwatersedge/p/www.rebekkahhilgraves.com/audio/at-waters-edge/AtWatersEdge_20120804_SoundsFromSilence.mp3|titles=”At Water’s Edge (2012 August 04″|artists=Rebekkah Hilgraves with Joe McMahon]

More on the episode at rebekkahhilgraves.com. More on McMahon at soundcloud.com/joe-mcmahon

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