In the Hall of the Speaker King

Distillation of Chop Shop exhibit in three white noise cycles

With characteristic low-key aplomb, the Touch podcast series has uploaded an edited live recording of a sound art installation, and kept it unburdened — for better or worse — by much in the way of contextual information. A white-noise effect is in full effect throughout, like the sonic result of one very large, weighty cymbal continuously excited by some low-level mechanical action (MP3). In fact, though, it’s a very different resonant surface. A brief liner note explains this much: “Live room installation capture recording from October 2010 at SONM: Puertas de Castilla in Murcia, Spain. A trio of identical speaker constructions were presented in a black box room, all fed with variations of a similar sonic bed to continuously run for a duration of 24 days. Three cycles distilled here for this listen.” The installation, titled “Dark Matter (Ebb Tide),” is credited to longstanding speaker musician Chop Shop, aka Scott Konzelmann.

[audio:|titles=”Dark Matter (Ebb Tide)”|artists=Chop Shop]

Track originally posted for free download at, where it was accompanied by the above image.

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