Modular Duet (MP3)

A collaboration bonded in patch cords

“Eastern Barsmith” is a modular collaboration between Craque and his partner bsmith. The liner note that accompanies the track is on the deep tech/gadget end of the continuum, but the music itself is a pleasing series of warbly reveries, the sort of thing that might accompany video of a robot hobbit making his way through an arcade shire.

The liner note reads as follows:

Dual barton quantizers with custom scales collected by craque and bsmith, programmed by bsmith. In play: Pressure Points sequence and Doepfer a149 random CV, quantized to several crazy modal/non-western scales. Livewire Bissell Generator providing some ramps (also quantized) and envelopes; filters: Moog MF101, Doepfer a124 Wasp, Bubblesound SeM20; VCOs: ‘Walekko’ Anti-Oscillator, Intellijel Dixie; delay/echo fx: TipTop Z5000.

Track originally posted for free download at Craque is Matt Davis of Fullerton, California. More on him at Photo above of Craque’s studio.

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