New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • My favorite sign in the Haight. ->
  • Afternoon score: sleeping toddler's breathing, light rain hitting car, nearby traffic, passing plane. ->
  • Woke to 19 tracks, 4 from 1st-timers, in @djunto 53 (ice music). Nice to think it's part of folks' 2013 resolutions: ->
  • Waking in Sacramento: hotel HVAC drone, housekeeping politely tapping on doors, the zing of card-key fails. ->
  • Indeed. She went to town on it. RT @_muncky: My other @djunto standout from this week's work: ->
  • Recorded this morning: "Mecha-Organic Drum Machine": ->
  • We'll see. Often difficult to isolate the sound. Hear a tree, record a forest. RT @jaybuls: @disquiet Are you going to do more like that? ->
  • If you use SoundCloud, this is where you can set your default license — say, to allow for derivative works. ->
  • The 54th @djunto project will be #audiotextual. It just went to the translators. If you wanna help out, lemme know. ->
  • At Chinese restaurant for lunch you discover your favorite new music. Except it's a Hong Kong soap-opera score playing on a glitchy TV. ->
  • Imbue. That's the word. ->
  • Yesterday you stopped in an alley to take a photo & record sound. The next day it's been listened to almost 100 times. ->
  • 6 hours left in 1st @djunto project of new year: music from sound of ice in glass. Already 1.5 hours from 32 musicians ->
  • Been digging Instagram but the anthropomorphic ferocity of this alley wiring is best served by Flickr: ->
  • One fewer hassles: If scheduled posts on your WordPress(.org) site delete SoundCloud/YouTube embed players, use plugin or URL ->
  • Cinnamon and cayenne go together so well, you have to wonder if they were once a single thing and it's our job, eons later, to reunite them. ->
  • Even more pissed off at Daniel Asia for his attack on wind chimes than for his attack on John Cage. ->
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco while selecting image of human ear to accompany set I made of field recordings: ->
  • OK audio of San Francisco at noon on a Tuesday: RT @GuyBirkin: @disquiet I'd love to hear the sound of that noon siren ->
  • Any Firefly über-fans out there? When they filmed "Objects in Space," did they know it'd be the final episode? ->
  • Welcome to San Francisco. RT @iamseams: Look what I found @disquiet! ->
  • Dear iCloud: Yes my storage is almost full. No you aren't making cleaning it out simple let alone magical. You don't complete me. Love, Marc ->
  • Dear little Sacramento drainpipe, over 200 listens so far to your industrial/hip-hop beat-craft: ->
  • Croatian, German, Japanese, and Turkish translations are in for the 54th weekly @djunto project. The theme: #audiotextual. ->
  • The street construction in front of the house is insane. I'd record the sound but the sound is a small part. It's the full-on vibration. ->
  • "Average mileage based on Wolfram Alpha data." Just saw this in a TV commercial for a car. ->
  • Very cool. Thanks. MT @christianbok: a search engine for sounds—(RT @kg_ubu, @inciteout, @noisehelp)—(for @disquiet): ->
  • And after more than four years with the microwave, I discover it has a mute button. ->
  • The @333books site moved. Here's the interview with me talking about early-stage work on Aphex Twin book I'm writing: ->
  • An "LEDscape" of 1,200 bulbs in Lisbon: Would love to know what such a concentration sounds like. ->
  • Excited to announce that Michel Banabila (@banabila) developed a @djunto project that will begin on January 31. ->
  • The 54th @djunto project will be in 8 languages: English + Afrikaans, Croatian, German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Turkish. ->
  • I signed up for a @bandcamp "fans" page. I'm at /disquiet there — that is, ->
  • 54th @djunto project, making a score for the news, has gone to the email list and is at + ->
  • Fan pages on @bandcamp don't show albums for which one gets a promo code or bought by other means, like at concert or through other retailer ->
  • Just added the French version of the instructions to the current @djunto project. That makes 9 languages total: ->
  • I wrote about a Bandcamp release for first time on Feb 16, 2009: The musician is now on the San Antonio City Council. ->
  • A song by the Who played at the end of Person of Interest tonight. It made it feel like a CSI crossover episode. ->
  • The iOS app Samplr now has background audio support. The better to read to. ->
  • The new Destiny's Child even more of a disappointment than recent Missy Elliott. I expected more of the backing track: ->
  • Top 10 countries listening to my SoundCloud account: U.S. Germany. U.K. Canada. France. Romania. Italy. Netherlands. Belgium. Japan. ->
  • "Witty Independent Buddy Comedies," "Exciting Family Feature Animation," "Sports Movies" — Netflix, I thought you grokked me. ->
  • Back in summer camp a kid wrote a great short story titled "Death by Carbonation." If I have one more glass of seltzer, I may experience it. ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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