Mark Rushton Podcast (MP3)

Live ambient improvisation

One thing due to debut in the near future on is a podcast. The idea has been in the works for awhile, and I’m hopeful it’ll begin in the next month. Among the models for such a podcast is Mark Rushton‘s fine, long-running series, which recently posted its 57th edition. Rushton is an Iowa-based musician with a keen interest in ambient sound and field recordings, and those impulses are core to the track highlighted in this post, the centerpiece of which is a 17-minute original, improvisatory piece. In addition to the music, Rushton talks a bit about his process, and he recommends some recent listening.

[audio:”¦onpodcast57.mp3|titles=”Mark Rushton Podcast #57 (Live Improvised 17 Minute Piece)”|artists=Mark Rushton]

Track originally posted for free download at and

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