SoundCloud Blog on “Creating with Constraints”

Great series of interviews – I'm honored to be a participant.


Major thanks to SoundCloud for having posted this interview with me as part of its ongoing blog-post series on the value of creative restraints. Previous posts in the series have looked at Madeleine Cocolas’ weekly music compositions, musicologist Gilles Helsen’s everyday recordings, and Kyle Vande Slunt’s sound design experiments.

In addition to focusing attention on the ongoing Disquiet Junto projects and the Insta/gr/ambient compilation, the piece quotes frequent Junto music-maker Naoyki Sasanami, who is better known as Naotko on SoundCloud:

Naoyki Sasanami regularly participates in the Disquiet Junto group’s challenges every week and compares them to “experimental trials”that are opportunities for sound design. “I feel like I’m playing a weekly chess game using sound.”

Here’s a snippet of the article:

If you’re interested in making music as part of a communal group, Marc shares some advice: “First, I would not model whatever it is you want to do too closely on what other groups have done. Instead, I would identify the loose knit community that you find of interest, and think long and hard about that community’s motivations, about the way its constituents both produce and consume sound. I would try to develop a group approach with those unique characteristics in mind. Second, I would be prepared to alter your approach as time proceeds, in response to what the participants contribute, both in terms of the ideas they share with you but also, and equally importantly, the behavior, the predilections, the habits, they display.”

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And thanks, as well, to Jorge Colombo for having taken the photo that accompanies the interview. Colombo’s photographs were the inspiration for the 2012 LX(RMX) compilation that featured music from Scanner, Steve Roden, Kate Carr, and Marielle V. Jakobsons, among others.

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