Disquiet Junto Disambiguation

What Junto participants might do if the projects don't "sound like their music"

The F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) document for the Disquiet Junto has been updated to respond to a not uncommon inquiry. The full document is here, but this is the text of the addition:

Q: I’m excited to participate, but I don’t want listeners to confuse my Disquiet Junto projects with my “real” music/sound work. Any suggestions?

A: Certainly. Variations on this question have been raised by many participants in the Disquiet Junto projects. Someone who makes minimal techno or singer-songwriter music or chamber music might not want listeners to their SoundCloud accounts have the listening experience broken up by remixed Thomas Edison cylinder or autobiographical spoken word recordings or any other number of incongruous project-derived tracks. The best option may be to create a separate SoundCloud account for your Junto projects.

Full F.A.Q. here.

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