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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Junto member posted code in Supercollider, Processing, and Ruby to assist in this week's text->notes transformations: ->
  • Detail of projection of one of today's Oulipo sound projects. #oumupo #sfai ->
  • Realizing the typography on slides I use in teaching looks exactly like the photocopied typography on concert posters I made in college. ->
  • Did 4 pieces in Oulipo sound workshop: listening, woven audiobiography, subtractive composition, song form (name/room tone as source audio). ->
  • Oulipian parents: my wife & I relay-read Little House to our 3-year-old, never experiencing it in full ourselves, mentally filling in gaps. ->
  • So good. MT @EdieBushwick: @disquiet Do you m an H ad d to Gr n Appl books shortly for th v ning's r ading of work by th lat G org s P r c? ->
  • Yow, already 37 tracks in the week's Disquiet Junto project: Proof that I'm a poor judge of what will/won't work. ->
  • When Dave Eggers, in The Circle, describes the weather as cloudless I briefly think it's a comment about the Internet being down. ->
  • "Email that enhances your tech lifestyle." Email taglines that encourage you to unsubscribe. ->
  • This most recent Disquiet Junto project, #97, the one that ended last night, had 10 first-time participants. That's excellent. ->
  • For this coming Thursday's Disquiet Junto we're going to do a project from this past weekend's Oulipo sound workshop. ->
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco: ->
  • RIP, John Tavener (69), composer: (His piece Ikon of Light is a personal favorite.) ->
  • Rdio seems to know me a lot better than Netflix does, and I've been cohabitating with Netflix a lot longer. ->
  • â–¶ The late John Tavener's Ikon of Light: Don't let the quiet opening trick you into setting the volume too high. ->
  • There may not be spiders on Mars but the track "Dalby and Marko" from Max Richter's score to The Last Days on Mars sounds like there are. ->
  • Favorite form of listening is from headphones in the pocket of my jacket on the floor of my office after forgetting to pause my MP3 player. ->
  • So, "Beskhu3epnm" is misspelled (as "Beskhu3upnm") on @Rdio's track listing for Aphex Twin's Drukqs album, right? ->
  • Feels like the shared, unusual double L of Ben Neill and Phill Niblock gives them some sorta ambient kinship. ->
  • Actually looking forward to SHIELD, rather than just looking forward to looking forward to SHIELD. ->
  • "Which non-expression is this?" SHIELD is figuring things out. ->
  • Reworkings by Scanner of music of the late John Tavener for a collaboration that will never be: ->
  • Today in the class I teach on sound in the media landscape (week 10 of 15): What does sound looks like? ->
  • Just recognizing how inherently Oulipian the .txt format is. ->
  • "Did you mean: nag a ram" — what Google displays if you search for "anagram" ->
  • There's something beautiful about the potential energy inherent in a new video-game console controller photographed on a table. ->
  • Music to listen to music to listen to music to. ->
  • Realizing reason I like James Newton Howard's Parkland score is it sounds at times like a John Hassell / Amon Tobin mixtape. ->
  • Today in sound class, student presentations on the sounds of department stores (paging @notrobwalker) and on headphone recommendations. ->
  • Proud day. I fixed Aphex Twin track misspelling on @rdio. MT @RdioHelp: Thanks for letting us know! We've fixed it: ->
  • Sentence I type variations on a lot: "Despite the New Orleans area code, it is my number in San Francisco, where I live." ->
  • Would swear that when HR is revealed to Carter on Person of Interest the music briefly sounds like the Emperor's Theme from Star Wars. ->
  • So the primary reason Kit Kat isn't yet available for the Nexus 4 is to nudge us all for a few extra days to consider the Nexus 5, right? ->
  • There's a lovely little markdown artifact in my Aphex Twin book, which I'm particularly happy about. ->
  • The chapter titles from my forthcoming Aphex Twin book in the 33 1/3 series on Selected Ambient Works Volume II: ->
  • Considered it. Have essay on why I didn't. MT @liminalcity: @disquiet was kind of hoping each chapter just had a texture instead of a title ->
  • [email protected] Adding images was an option but I decided a book in text about sound would constrain itself to text. in reply to liminalcity ->
  • The 98th weekly @djunto project is a "woven audiobiography" based on project from the @dlb-led Oulipo events held last week in San Francisco ->
  • For this week's Disquiet Junto project you'll need a die and a mic. ->
  • Was Felicity's "Tahiti" joke in last night's Arrow episode a shot across SHIELD's bow? ->
  • This week's project was a nice reason to post a picture of Raymond Queneau’s Cent Mille Milliards de Poèmes. ->
  • Excited that Pauline Oliveros's listed among the 2014 Whitney Biennial artists. Parsing for other sounds of interest: ->
  • RIP, saxophonist Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre (77) of the AACP. ->
  • Anyone recall @DougCoupland on writing a character unlike yourself, putting in envelope for some time, then discovering it is like yourself? ->
  • Reasons to love the present: Jimmy Page has remixed Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize": Includes glitch drum solo. ->
  • Previous eldritch-school hip-hop tweet's link via @ethanhein ->
  • Advice for Disquiet Junto participants who find projects don't "sound like their music": In brief: make new account. ->
  • Excellent. RT @dirtydemos: Gonna attempt to get back on the @djunto horse this week. It's been a while. ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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