An Encouraging Junto Nudge

Why project 105 is a great place to start

I just sent this following note to the subscribers to the Disquiet Junto email list. It’s about participating in the Disquiet Junto, which is currently in the midst of its 105th weekly project.

Hi, Members of the Disquiet Junto,

This is a quick note to anyone out there who’s still on the fence about participating in this week’s Disquiet Junto project. We’ve had a great showing so far this week — over 30 tracks as of this writing — and certainly more tracks will appear in the remaining 24 hours or so.

Ultimately, the Junto projects are nudges, intended as prompts to assist musicians in being more productive and in trying out compositional approaches that may not be familiar to them (those two things are interrelated).

This first project of the year is a great one for newcomers to join in on for various reasons. The assignment is the same as the very first Junto project, 105 weeks ago, and the same we did at the start of the second year of projects, 53 weeks ago. As such, it’s a project that many members have a familiarity with — in a way, doing the “ice project” is a part of joining in the Junto.

So, anyhow, there are far more people subscribed to this email-announcement list than participate in any particular week, 675 subscribers as of last count, in contrast with the 413 active participants in the Junto, or the varying subset of roughly 30 to 40 who in a given week manage the time to record and upload a track. I’m sending this note out to say that if you’ve been subscribed for some time and have yet to join in on a project, this is a great one to get started with.

Best wishes from San Francisco. I’ve been largely off social networks for the last week or so, and look forward to diving back in tomorrow.


Marc Weidenbaum

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