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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • RIP, Japanese voice actor Seizō Katō (b. 1927), Megatron and Galvatron in Transformers: ->
  • Apparently two days in a row I wrote on Disquiet about artists from Virginia. Maybe tomorrow I'll make it a trifecta. ->
  • Helix has had an impact. Soft r&b tunes from the 1970s playing in public places now freak me out a little. ->
  • Yahoo! The @djunto weekly music project series is now well over 3,000 extant tracks and 420 contributors: ->
  • Man, it's hard these days to type "Yahoo!" and have people not think you're writing about, you know, Yahoo! ->
  • Thought my Nexus 7's screen paled next to my iPad (retina) but it was just that the iPad's wallpaper was more bright/colorful. #stupidme ->
  • #aeolian #metrics. The week's @djunto was inspired by "White Blur 1" off subject of my new book, Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol II. ->
  • Just did my first interview with a podcast for my 33 1/3 Aphex Twin book. That was fun. Good questions. More on it as its broadcast date ne”¦ ->
  • Man, that @Synthtopia sure has a sizable readership. Enormous spike for something I wrote last week. Thanks! ->
  • Correlation between percentage of apps downloaded but never used and percentage of hoodies the hoods of which have never been worn. ->
  • "Musical notation presented unusual challenges to the new craft of printing in the 15th century." Free UCPress book: ->
  • 25 days until my Aphex Twin 33 1/3 book (SAW2) is officially released. The album has 25 tracks (well, one edition does). Time for countdown. ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II reverse-order daily track countdown: #25 ("Matchsticks") ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II reverse-order daily track countdown: #24 ("White Blur 2") ->
  • This week's @djunto project: @freebassel. It goes live this Thursday. #creativecommons #openweb #freebassel ->
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco: ->
  • The Outdoor Public Warning System siren at the corner of 21st Ave and Geary in San Francisco: #urbanstudies #sound ->
  • Thumbs up to Beats Music for factoring in music you "hate" when sorting out your preferences. ->
  • Weird, @beatsmusic lists Aphex Twin SAW2 as 35 tracks and yet only lists 20 of them. Actual number: between 23 and 25, depending on version. ->
  • This is great: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have teamed up for a third time (for Gone Girl) with David Fincher: ->
  • I messed that last tweet up. It's @mariplasma (aka Marielle Jakobsons) not @darwinsbitch who'll perform with @subnaughtsounds + @jared_smyth in reply to subnaughtsounds ->
  • Excited to report: @mariplasma @jared_smyth @subnaughtsounds to perform Aphex Twin”“inspired music at my March 20 @citylightsbooks reading ->
  • The app Yellofier (by Boris Blank of Yello) has been ported to Android from iOS: ->
  • The URL "TiananmenSunrise dot com" is available. Just saying. ->
  • German word for "Disappointed the Tiananmen sunrise image was misreported because felt like Code 46 is real, yet happy Code 46 isn't real." ->
  • New semester of my sound-in-the-media-landscape course at the Academy of Art begins a week from today. Very excited. ->
  • Talk of Twitter being "ephemeral" complicated for me because what I tweet is auto-compiled weekly on my website. It's like a public journal. ->
  • Are we at Peak Faraday Cage? There's one in Person of Interest, and in Intelligence. Any others out there in TV land? ->
  • First thing I did in MacPaint in 1984 was to recreate the inside cover of Starless and Bible Black. Happy 30th birthday, Mac. ->
  • Proof of life. MT @BrewCrewJess: @disquiet's book on Aphex Twin's 'Selected Ambient Works Volume II' just arrived! ->
  • Mention today on the Creative Commons official blog about next @dunto project: #freebassel ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II reverse-order daily track countdown: #23 (“Tassels”) (w/ proof-of-book-life) ->
  • Loving the grid version of the Aphex Twin album cover that @boondesign did for my daily, 25-track SAW2 countdown: ->
  • Thanks to @hecanjog for tweeting a photo of where in my 33 1/3 book I thank the @djunto: Plus a cat. in reply to hecanjog ->
  • RIP: Douglas Davis, Critic and Internet Artist, Dies at 80: ->
  • Talking about glitch, "in between" parts of songs, and learning from Fennesz: Prefuse 73 interview I did last week: ->
  • This is a picture I've looked forward to taking for a long time: ->
  • My 3-year-old likes my Aphex Twin book's cover but wonders why there are no pictures. I explained the LP has pictures, so we looked at that. ->
  • I don't know if @VibeMagazine and @EW are paying for these spam ad PR emails pushing their news links, but they're ridiculous. ->
  • RIP, Italian film music composer Riz Ortolani (87): via @geetadayal #mondocane ->
  • For this week's @djunto project, we make an ancient soundscape + raise awareness of an imprisoned coder: #freebassel ->
  • On a street corner equal distance from a pho place and a pozole place. Weighed the options. Went with pozole. ->
  • Looks like that free stream of Arcade Fire's score to Her is offline. Maybe it wasn't official? ->
  • Supa cool. Apparently the Kindle edition of my 33 1/3 book on Aphex Twin's SAW2 is available for preorder #justsayin ->
  • A flurry of spambot followers late Friday afternoon is Twitter's equivalent of happy hour. ->
  • This library makes my boyhood science fiction dreams come true. The HVAC drone is so starship. ->
  • Four tracks so far in our #freebassel @djunto project to create soundscapes for the ancient city of Palmyra: ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II reverse-order daily track countdown: #21 (“Lichen”) ->
  • Today's Aphex Twin SAW2 countdown ("Lichen," #21) includes five versions: original, live, remixed, slowed, reversed: ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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